4 Questions That Can Help Reduce Employee Turnover

Two employees communicating about strategies to reduce employee turnover at their small business

Did you know the cost to replace an employee can be thousands of dollars? If you don’t want to spend that kind of money – and who does? – it’s key to keep the employees you already have. While some turnover is expected, taking action now will go a long way toward keeping your company… Read more »

Should I Outsource or Hire a Bookkeeper?

Woman works as a bookkeeper for a small business checking the accounts.

Bookkeeping is the daily process of keeping records of all of a company’s financial transactions. A bookkeeper records the expenses, sales, and bank and cash transactions of a business in a general ledger, the accuracy of which is of the utmost importance come tax season. Depending on the size of your business and the number… Read more »

Why You Need to Update Your Business Plan

Female entrepreneur reviews her small business plan on her laptop and writes notes to update.

When you drafted your business plan, you outlined your goals and the path you’d take to achieve them. Now that your company is up and running, your business plan might not be an accurate representation of your new goals, the state of the market and your enterprise’s worth. Your business is a living, breathing entity… Read more »

What is Minster Bank’s Small Business Loan Program?

Small business owner and employee go over loan paperwork for their floral shop.

If you own a small business, getting a loan might seem daunting. Fortunately, Minster Bank’s small business loan program can make it simpler. What is Minster Bank’s Small Business Loan Program? If you’re an entrepreneur with a brand-new business plan or a small business owner looking to start new construction on your existing storefront or… Read more »

More Than Just a Number: Cadence Dental Group & Minster Bank

Cadence Dental Group's dental team

When Lee Hendricks, DDS, of Cadence Dental Group grew frustrated with how a larger bank was handling his Payment Protection Program (PPP) application, he turned to Minster Bank for help. Keep reading to see how the business banking relationship between Cadence Dental Group and Minster Bank grew from there. Small Business Assistance with the PPP… Read more »

5 Steps You Should Take to Keep Your Account Safe

Millennial woman in blue shirt checks her Minster Bank account using her laptop at home

Did you know that cybercrime could cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025? As more and more data floods the internet, servers and our digital devices, the risk that individuals, businesses and government organizations will have their data compromised grows exponentially each year. That said, you can take steps to minimize your risk of… Read more »