Scholarship Winner Turns Lifetime Minster Bank Customer

Minster Bank customer Jennifer Moore Hirschfeld poses with her husband and daughter

It has been a few years since New Bremen graduate Jennifer Moore Hirschfeld earned a Minster Bank Scholarship, but Hirschfeld continues to use Minster Bank’s financial services. Read on as Hirschfeld reflects on winning that scholarship, where she’s come since and why she continues to be a Minster Bank customer. Awarded the Minster Bank Scholarship… Read more »

Success Story: Supporting Communities Through Brigid’s Path

Female volunteer rocks a newborn at Brigid’s Path in Kettering, Ohio

When Jill Kingston and her husband became foster parents in 2013, their eyes were opened to a greater need within their community — providing inpatient medical care for drug-exposed newborns, non-judgmental support for mothers and education services to improve family outcomes. Kingston had the vision to be a part of a higher calling, leading her… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Perry

Ryan Perry information technology, or IT, manager at Minster Bank

It takes a village to keep a bank running. Many bank customers will never see IT manager Ryan Perry, but his role is critical to keeping the bank functioning and secure. Read more about Perry’s role at Minster Bank and what he says he likes best. IT at Minster Bank  Perry maintains all of the… Read more »

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Franchise?

An illustration of two hands holding a franchise building with coins falling out of it

Buying a franchise is an attractive business option for entrepreneurs wanting to capitalize on an existing brand. But if you’re thinking about becoming a franchisee, you need to prepare yourself — it won’t be as easy as simply finding a well-liked brand and putting down some cash. Read on for some things to consider before… Read more »

7 Perks of a Good Credit Score (That Save You Money)

A credit report with a good credit score laying on a table next to a pen, reading glasses and a laptop keyboard.

Achieving and maintaining a good credit score will help you fund the major purchases that you’ve been dreaming about — and save money over time. Here are just some of the doors that having a positive credit history will open for you. 1. More Confidence in Obtaining a Loan Granted, financial institutions take more than… Read more »

Four Signs of Undetected Water Damage

A leaky pipe under the sink causing water damage that will be undetectable

With summer underway, it’s important to be prepared for storms as well as signs of potential water damage to your house. A failing sump pump or poor drainage can be two causes; leaky pipes are another. To avoid undetected water damaging your dwelling place, keep your eyes peeled for these signs of concealed water damage… Read more »