See What a Community Bank Can Offer You [Video]

minster bank is a community bank with headquarters in minster ohio

Every small town has something that binds its residents together. Minster Bank, which serves small communities throughout western Ohio, is proud to be one of the ties that bind. Hear more about the bank’s community-first focus from Dale Luebke, President and CEO of Minster Bank, in this video. A Personal Touch at Minster Bank “At… Read more »

College Student Values Convenience and Mobile Accessibility at Minster Bank

Lisa Adams, left, uses Minster Bank's online and mobile banking features while at college at Ohio State University in Columbus.

Between school and work, college student Lisa Adams enjoys a busy, active lifestyle. Minster Bank has been there for her in more ways than one, but what she appreciates most is the convenience of Minster Bank’s online and mobile banking options. Lisa was a Class of 2021 Minster Bank Scholarship recipient and is currently a student… Read more »

How to Recognize and Prevent Fraud Against Seniors: Elder Financial Abuse Scams to Look Out For

Senior couple sitting on the couch reading through elder financial abuse scam tips in their Minster Bank banking papers.

Financial scams against the elderly are on the rise — and getting more sophisticated. Whether you’re looking to protect yourself or others, it’s important to stay informed about the methods scammers use to swindle people out of their money. In the webinar below we discuss how to protect yourself and your loved ones from elder… Read more »

How to Prepare for Filing Your Individual 2021 Tax Return

Latina woman wearing pale pink sweater with calculator in hand prepares to file her personal and business taxes on her laptop computer at home.

NOTE: The Internal Revenue Service is expecting delays in accepting and processing 2021 tax returns and urges taxpayers to take extra caution and file accurate tax returns electronically. As you gear up to file your 2021 tax return, you may be wondering where to start and what to expect. Similar to tax year 2020, you… Read more »

Why Should I Budget? Here are 5 Top Reasons

Black woman creates budget on her desktop computer based on budgeting tips from Minster Bank blog.

Merriam-Webster defines the word “budget” as “the amount of money that is available for, required for or assigned to a particular purpose.” Hearing this word can often make us cringe, but in reality, having and following a budget is one of the most useful tools in personal finance. If you’re still on the fence, think… Read more »

Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County: ‘We Wouldn’t Be Where We Are if it Wasn’t for Minster Bank’

The Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County’s new, 24-hour accessible women’s abuse and domestic violence shelter, located at 530 Crescent Drive in Troy, Ohio.

Barb Holman serves as the executive director of the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County — a shelter that was started by her mother, Miami County Deputy Sheriff Barbel Adkins, to serve Miami County in 1979. Holman eventually took over as executive director of the shelter, which she has assisted since 1996, and she credits… Read more »