A Community Focus is Always a Successful Strategy

The Wilson Law family

The Wilson Law office has been a part of the St. Marys, Ohio, community since 1969. Initially founded by Gregory D. Wilson, Wilson Law has assisted their local clients with a variety of cases, including arguing cases in front of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Following Gregory’s passing in 2014, Eric J. Wilson, Gregory’s son, continues to improve upon the success of Wilson Law, with the help of attorney Randy LaMarr Jr. and Lisa Wilson, his office manager and wife.

For three generations, Minster Bank has been there to help the Wilson family with all of their professional and personal banking needs, which the family says they will continue to do for years to come.

Generations of Success with Minster Bank

Much like Wilson Law’s ability to connect and assist local clients, Minster Bank’s ability to meet local businesses’ needs helps Wilson Law succeed, Lisa Wilson says. Minster Bank helps their customers achieve this by providing them different types of bank services that fit best into their financial strategy.

“They’re close by, incredibly friendly and if I need help with anything I can get an answer right away from the associates at the St. Marys location,” says Lisa. “They work well with us, and we see each other almost on a daily basis.”

In addition to a Business checking account, Minster Bank has also set up an IOLTA account for Wilson Law, but their services don’t end there.

Ease of Online Banking for the Whole Family

The relationship between Wilson Law and Minster Bank doesn’t just stop at the law office. Lisa, in addition to many other members of her family, has utilized a number of different services provided by Minster Bank. Checking and savings, as well as online banking are just a few of the services that help the Wilson family succeed at home and at the office.

“I like being able to view our accounts online. It’s also effortless to transfer funds to another account,” Lisa says. “Being able to do that all online is very handy.”

Helping Families Buy Their Dream Homes

Beyond the checking and savings options at the law office, the Wilson family has also used Minster Bank to help finance their first and second homes and for their family’s personal checking and savings needs.

“We purchased our first home through Minster Bank, and in the past year both of my kids have used Minster Bank to buy their homes, as well,” Lisa says. She noted her daughter, who doesn’t live in town, still uses Minster Bank for her personal account.

There are many options available for banks to provide financing to families, but Minster Bank’s local touch keeps families like the Wilsons coming back. It’s Minster Bank’s hometown feel, the convenience of having the St. Marys branch right across the street and the small-town family atmosphere that the Wilsons love.

“I’ve known Kathy Sampson at the St. Marys location for many years now,” says Lisa. “She’s always done everything possible to help us get what we need. I couldn’t ask for anyone else to do the job better. Everyone at the St. Marys location is great; they do so much for us.”

A Growing Family for Years to Come

For generations, the family at Wilson Law has worked with the team at the St. Marys branch of Minster Bank. When Gregory Wilson started Wilson Law in 1969, his wife served as his office manager and they used Minster Bank, Lisa says. That continued when Eric Wilson joined his father at the practice in 1993. Lisa became part of the team when Eric was in law school. As their family grew, Minster Bank grew with them.

It’s Minster Bank’s ability to develop unique financial solutions for each client which has helped local businesses like Wilson Law continue to grow and succeed and why they’ve continued banking with Minster Bank through generations.

“Minster Bank will work with you,” says Eric, “the other banks make you work with them.”

Companies like Wilson Law aren’t just another account to Minster Bank, but another member of our growing family.

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