Building for the Future: Minster Bank and Garmann/Miller

Brad Garmann of Garmann/Miller

Since 1995, Garmann/Miller Architects-Engineers – one of the largest such firms in Ohio – has done business with Minster Bank.

It all started when the fledgling business built Minster Bank’s Sidney branch, according to Brad Garmann, one of the company’s founding principals. 

“It was kind of an obvious choice,” he said. “They were local and very pro-business; they fit us well.” 

Read more about the relationship between these two iconic Minster businesses and how they’ve worked together for mutual success. 

Partners for 20+ Years

From the beginning, Garmann knew Minster Bank was the right choice because of the way he and his company were treated.

“When we first started, we were pretty small, and our first big jump was when we bought a building,” he said. “We went to Minster Bank and told them what we were doing and what our expansion plans were. They were very agreeable to lending us money to make that happen.”

Since then, the relationship has continued with both parties. Garmann/Miller has designed two Minster Bank locations and is assisting with the newest one in Butler Township. And Minster Bank has continued to provide the loans and support Garmann/Miller needs to expand.

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A Trusted Choice

Not only does Garmann work with Minster Bank professionally, he said he’s been banking with them personally since the late ‘80s – a testament to the bank’s service and customer experience.

Garmann also said he’d “absolutely” recommend Minster Bank to other local businesses. 

“They are very forthcoming and clear. It’s a good thing for the community, a good thing for their business, and a good thing for our business – a win-win all the way across the board,” said Garmann.

He added, “We’ve developed personal relationships as well as business relationships. The folks over there are just great to work with.”

Learn More About Minster Bank’s Business Services

We’re proud to serve local businesses and be a part of helping our community thrive.

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