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With so many occasions and seasons to dress for, your clothing budget can easily get out of hand. While it’s nice to have a wardrobe that can address every scenario and social gathering imaginable, you simply don’t have the money, or the closet space for that matter, to accommodate. These tips will help you stay fashionable while being more frugal.

Ignore the calendar

There’s an allure that comes from walking into a clothing store and seeing all the fresh styles for the upcoming season. According to Real Simple Writer Rebecca Daly, retailers stock their shelves and racks with items from the upcoming season’s catalog about a month before it gets into full swing; fall clothing tends to show up in August, winter clothing typically appears at the start of November and so on.

Though you may be tempted to pounce on the clothing you like before the season starts, Daly suggests holding off for the seasonal shift and the inevitable markdown. If you hold off on a sweater or pair of jeans that you see in August, they’ll be significantly cheaper when the store starts making floor space for winter. Rather than buying a new bathing suit at the start of summer, get one more season out of your current swimming gear and get new duds in September, when summer wear is much cheaper. Buying seasonal clothing at the conclusion of that season is a great way to get value out of your purchase.

Shop your own closet

After years and years of refreshing your wardrobe, your closet and drawers are likely filled with items you don’t wear anymore or probably won’t wear again. If these items are in good condition, Money Talks News’ Angela Colley and Christina Majeski recommend taking them to your local consignment shop or selling them through online retailers such as Poshmark, TheRealReal and thredUP. They note that even leather jackets, rarely worn party dresses and other high-end items are also ideal for consignment.

While you’re adding to the inventory of a consignment shop or website, take a moment to shop for yourself. You’ll want to make sure that your eyes don’t get bigger than your closet, particularly if you’re offloading a lot of clothes to make space, but shopping consignment stores is a great way to add a cool new piece or two to your wardrobe for cheaper.

Be a savvy sales shopper

Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day are tempting opportunities to set aside your budget and let the deals guide you. But, as Daly notes, the premise of these shopping holidays is just that: getting you to buy more than you need. The best rule for every purchase made during a major sale is to always ask yourself if you’d consider buying an item at a higher price. If you wouldn’t, it may be superfluous. If you feel that you’re just a bit too impulsive, you may even want to skip the festivities altogether.

Your clothing is a great opportunity to express yourself and present your ideal self to the world around you. While you should make every effort to present your best self, it’s just as important that you’re being financially sound and savvy in the process. By knowing where to find the best deals and practicing impulse control, you can balance a great wardrobe with a healthy savings account. Call Minster Bank today to see how else we can expand your savings account.


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