More Than Just a Number: Cadence Dental Group & Minster Bank

Cadence Dental Group's dental team.

When Lee Hendricks, DDS, of Cadence Dental Group grew frustrated with how a larger bank was handling his Payment Protection Program (PPP) application, he turned to Minster Bank for help.

Keep reading to see how the business banking relationship between Cadence Dental Group and Minster Bank grew from there.

Small Business Assistance with the PPP Program Through Minster Bank

When Dr. Hendricks’ dental office was shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hendricks knew the importance of obtaining a PPP loan and was met with a lot of frustration. Lee Hendricks, DDS, at Cadence Dental Group

“I was banking at one of the large banks and had struggled to get my PPP application accepted,  even though everything was approved … it felt like I was just one of a large number of clients,” he said. “Even though we have a sizable business, it felt like I was not important there. It became very, very frustrating.”

Someone suggested Minster Bank — the Vandalia-Butler location had recently opened across the street from the dental office — so Hendricks made the decision to take his business there.

“After being involved in two to three weeks of disappointing and frustrating experiences trying to get the PPP loan through at the other bank, Minster Bank got my PPP loan approved and in the bank in just over 24 hours,” he said. “That was my introduction to them, which was very positive.”

After that experience, Hendricks made the decision to move Cadence Dental Group’s business banking to Minster Bank because of “how understanding and responsive they had been during a very critical, pressure-filled time.”

A Positive and Convenient Banking Relationship Front office and waiting room at Cadence Dental Group

Hendricks said Minster Bank has come to know him and the staff has been supportive throughout their short relationship.

“You can sense you’re not one of many,” he said. “You’re in a smaller group with more focus and attention on you. They’ve been just as I expected – they’ve been very responsive and will contact us if there are any issues.”

The VandaliaDental examination room at Cadence Dental Group-Butler location can be seen from the Cadence Dental Group office, which Hendricks said has been convenient. While they do most of their banking electronically, there are times when Hendricks does make in-person visits.

“They’re fun over there,” he said. “I walk in, and they’re very friendly.”

“You don’t feel like you’re just a number.” — Lee Hendricks, DDS., of Cadence Dental Group

More Than Just a Number

Even though the partnership between Cadence Dental Group and Minster Bank is still relatively new, Hendricks said he would recommend Minster Bank to another business because it’s a friendly, client-focused environment offering the same services as a larger bank – without an impersonal feel.

“You don’t feel like you’re just a number,” he said of working with Minster Bank.

Learn More About Minster Bank’s Business Banking Services

Whether your business is expanding or looking to move to electronic services, Minster Bank has the business banking solutions to fit your individual needs.

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