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[Quiz] What’s Your Money Personality? + Tips to Save

Young couple looking at paperwork with a calculator identifying their wants vs their needs

The foundation of successfully managing your finances is budgeting, and a pillar of budgeting is learning to distinguish your needs from your wants. If you can’t differentiate those, you could wind up overspending on luxuries that you can’t afford. Take this quiz to learn your money-spending personality, then read on for tips to help you… Read more »

7 Easy Ways to Save Money When Dining Out


Being smart with your money doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the luxury of eating out.  Here are seven strategies to dining out on the cheap, so you can enjoy having someone else cook without taking a bite out of your budget. 1. Opt for Self-Service Restaurants Money Crashers contributor Amy Livingston recommends choosing… Read more »

Introducing Zelle®: Send and Request Money + Split Bills Easily

Group of friends uses Zelle®️ to split pizza bill

Minster Bank, together with Zelle®, is proud to announce a fast, safe and easy way to split bills and send money with people you trust.  What is Zelle? Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money to and receive money from friends, family and others you trust. Best of all, it’s now… Read more »

Success Story: John Shell, The Miami County Fair and Minster Bank

Shell family of covington ohio at miami county fair

Last week, John Shell and his family celebrated nearly 20 years of involvement at the Miami County Fair as Shell’s youngest son showed his final pig. He said the family atmosphere is what led him and his wife, Kim, to become staples at the fair, with each of their four children showing animals throughout the… Read more »

How to Appeal a Denied Health Insurance Claim

Woman calls health insurance company about denied claim

Receiving a denial on your insurance claim, even after you’re feeling better, can be exceptionally frustrating. To help avoid unwanted stress on your finances and your peace of mind, consider the following methods to appeal a denied health insurance claim. Find Out Why Your Insurance Claim Was Denied Starts with figuring out why your claim… Read more »

How To Start a Side Business on a Budget

Whether it’s because you’re ready to be your own boss, want to share your ideas with the world or just want to make a little extra cash, starting a side business is becoming more and more popular. Since the goal of any small business is to make money, it’s important to craft a plan before… Read more »

7 Insider Tips to Help You Save Money on College Textbooks

Expensive textbook with one dollar bill hanging out of it

With a full load of college courses, textbook costs can pile up fast. If you’re looking to spend less and still have access to the textbooks you need, consider these tips for saving money. Shop Off-Campus On-campus college bookstores charge you a premium in exchange for one-stop shopping.  You can find better deals when you… Read more »

Your Four-Step Plan to Throwing the Perfect Summer Party

Friends enjoying outdoor entertaining during a summer party

Summer has a way of bringing family and friends together, and what better way to enjoy the season than an outdoor bash? Stress less as you prepare for your summer party with our four-step plan. You’ll be ready to turn your humble abode into the perfect place for entertaining. 1. Ready the Yard The surest… Read more »

How Much Should You Actually Spend on Housing?

Young couple unpacks boxes in their new home

When you’re laying out your budget, housing money is probably a pretty big chunk. But are you setting your housing budget wisely? Before you sign up for a new lease or mortgage, make sure the monthly payments won’t ruin your financial plans. Following the 28/36 Rule As with many financial concepts, there’s a rule to… Read more »

How to Budget for Entertainment and Leisure

Group of friends enjoying a leisurely activity after budgeting for entertainment

Budgeting is daunting, especially since it means cutting down on how much money you can spend on entertainment and leisure. But being smart about your spending doesn’t mean cutting out fun altogether. Remembering entertainment in your budget will help you stick to it and enjoy the times you do decide to spend.  Setting a Realistic… Read more »