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Save Money With These Banking Features During the Holidays

Holiday Shopping

According to the National Retail Federation, those celebrating the winter holidays in 2023 will spend an average of $875 on gifts, decorations, food and more. Sound like a stretch for your wallet? It might be time to start preparing for next year with a holiday savings account. A holiday savings account is a tool that… Read more »

How to Recognize and Prevent Generational Fraud: Scams to Look Out For

Senior couple sitting on the couch reading through elder financial abuse scam tips in their Minster Bank banking papers.

Generational fraud is on the rise — and getting more sophisticated. Whether you’re looking to protect yourself or others, it’s important to stay informed about the methods scammers use to swindle people out of their money. In the webinar below we discuss how to protect yourself and your loved ones from generational fraud. Keep reading… Read more »

4 Major Warning Signs of Financial Fraud: How to Spot a Financial Scam

Middle-aged woman holding schnauzer dog browses online safely watching out for warning signs of financial fraud.

In today’s world, scammers have more tools than ever to separate you from your hard-earned money — especially as more people are spending time online and conducting business virtually. Whether you’re trying to make smart investments or just protect yourself from being victimized, it’s important to know these major warning signs for financial fraud. Keep… Read more »

Uncovering Generational Fraud: Tips on How To Prevent It From Happening

Senior man on the phone with Minster Bank discussing elder financial abuse and fraud prevention.

Every year, seniors lose more than $3 billion annually from generational fraud, according to the FBI. Unfortunately, this type of financial fraud is only on the rise, and at Minster Bank, especially in the last few years, we’ve seen more and more of these events happen. Examples of Generational Fraud “In the last few months,… Read more »

Success Story: Welcome Home Katie Swanberg, Tobii, and Vader

Katie Swanberg holding a sold sign in front of her new house

“I just want to thank Welcome Home and Minster Bank for making my first home purchase a dream come true.” These heartfelt words from Katie Swanberg explain why Minster Bank continues to offer the Welcome Home Program for first-time home buyers: We love investing in our community. Katie continues, “Without the Welcome Home grant, I… Read more »

Success Story: Welcome Home to the Salmons Family

The Salmons Family

With so many documents to provide and mounds of paperwork to fill out for a bank mortgage, the excitement of purchasing a new home can get lost in the shuffle. But for the Salmons family, one special Minster Bank loan officer brought joy to their home-buying journey through the Welcome Home Program.  Jackie Salmons said… Read more »

Financial Basics: How Certificates of Deposit Work

Certificate of Deposits Form

When you think of investing, you may think of stocks, bonds or 401(k)s. However, there are lots of options for investing, including short-term investments. A certificate of deposit (CD) is one of them. CDs are low-risk and offer a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts, and you can choose the right term length to… Read more »