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What Are Closing Costs & How Do They Work?

Are you planning on buying a new home? Or refinancing your current home? Did you know you can save on closing costs? Are you wondering what is included in closing costs and why they exist? You’re not alone, many homeowners ask the same question! While they may seem like just another fee, closing costs can… Read more »

Follow These Tips to Make Sure You Can Safely Retire

Man safely planning for his retirement

Ever since you started life on your own, you have focused on keeping food on the table and a roof over your head and the heads of those who depend on you. If you’re lucky enough to have a traditional 40-hour work week, you will spend about 2,087 hours a year at work, minus what… Read more »

Should You Maintain Separate Accounts When You Get Married?

Newly married couple driving away from their wedding discussing separate or joint bank accounts

How you and your spouse can best manage your money Joining your now-spouse in matrimony strengthens your relationship and confirms a lifetime commitment. It also comes with a fair amount of effort, not just in terms of making sure that your partnership will stand the test of time, but in terms of adapting your lifestyle… Read more »

Learn How Mobile Check Deposits Can Now Save You Time and Energy

mobile deposit

We understand that your life has gotten busy and a bank trip to make a deposit with traditional checks doesn’t always fit into your schedule. It’s for this reason that Minster Bank has developed a mobile solution so you can make check deposits using your phone. This Sounds Great, How Do I Start? To get… Read more »

Get a Construction Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit

Construction print with hands envisioning final product of new home

Build the home of your dreams with the help of these financial opportunities. It’s always been your dream not to simply buy a home for retirement, but to build one from the ground up that is perfectly suited to your vision for how you want to spend your twilight years. To achieve this dream, two… Read more »

A Community Focus is Always a Successful Strategy

The Wilson Law family

The Wilson Law office has been a part of the St. Marys, Ohio, community since 1969. Initially founded by Gregory D. Wilson, Wilson Law has assisted their local clients with a variety of cases, including arguing cases in front of the Ohio Supreme Court. Following Gregory’s passing in 2014, Eric J. Wilson, Gregory’s son, continues… Read more »

Easily Improve your Credit Score with Six Simple Strategies

Checking credit score online

Credit scores are a sensitive topic for many people. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling performed a survey which indicated that more people would be more embarrassed to admit their credit scores than their weight (30 percent vs. 12 percent). Having a healthy credit score is necessary if you wish to apply for loans to… Read more »

It’s Important to Adjust Your Savings When Your Income Changes


During your professional life, it’s inevitable that the size of your paycheck will change. Whether you move jobs, get promoted or get laid off, several factors influence how much money you bring home. When your income does change, for better or worse, it is essential to know how you can adapt. Be prepared no matter… Read more »

Why Investing in Your 30s is Important

money lined up for investment opportunities

If you’re in your 30s, now is the time to prioritize investment opportunities. Your 30s are a time of transition. While you are no longer in the beginning years of adulthood, retirement is still far away. Investing may seem like less of a priority than starting a family, purchasing a home or paying off student… Read more »

Save Time and Money: Avoid ATM Surcharges Today

Woman using moneypass ATM

Looking for a tool that will help you avoid annoying ATM surcharge fees? Embrace the convenience of avoiding these fees by using the MoneyPass™ app. 5 Things to Know When Using MoneyPass™ 1.What is MoneyPass™? MoneyPass™ is one of the largest surcharge-free networks in the United States. With over 25,000 ATMs located throughout the country,… Read more »