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Don’t Let Emotions Get in the Way of Your Investment Decisions

A woman putting change in a jar while using a calculator considering her investments

The investment landscape can be volatile and difficult to understand, but investing is a phenomenal way to add to your financial portfolio. The one thing it isn’t, though, is sentimental.  That’s why factoring emotions into the way you manage your investments puts you at high risk for making poor decisions and racking up losses. Instead,… Read more »

Save for Your Future by Investing for Life’s Milestones

Young couple holds baby they set up 529 college plan for to invest in their child’s education

No matter what your plans are for your life, you don’t want money to get in the way of achieving your goals.  As such, you may want to consider investing your money during each stage of your life to make your aspirations are more attainable — — and if you need help along the way,… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Downsizing When You Retire

Many retirees are faced with a big question: whether or not to downsize their homes. Before deciding to downsize, it’s important to consider the many positives and negatives that come with this lifestyle change. Keep reading for a few pros and cons we’ve compiled. Downsizing Pro: Saving Money Smaller homes typically have smaller mortgage payments,… Read more »

5 Tips to Avoid Getting Trapped in College Loan Debt

Female college student fills out scholarship paperwork to save on student loans

College loans seem like a boon for students seeking higher education, but all too often, they can become a burden.  According to the nonprofit group American Student Assistance: • 56 percent of young adults suffer from near-constant worries about paying back their loans. • 61 percent are considering additional employment to manage their mounting student… Read more »

Minster Bank Community Voices: Bryan Cenky

retro microphone minster bank community voices bryan cenky

  Get expert tips and a behind-the-scenes look at Minster Bank with our new audio series, Minster Bank Community Voices. This week’s guest is Bryan Cenky, a wealth management advisor at our Troy location. Read more below or listen to the full podcast now. Q: What Do You Do at Minster Bank? A: I work… Read more »

How to Spot a Scam: 4 Warning Signs of Financial Fraud

Woman uses computer while watching out for fraud

In today’s world, scammers have more tools than ever to separate you from your hard-earned money – especially as more people are spending time online and conducting business virtually. Whether you’re trying to make smart investments or just protect yourself from being victimized, it’s important to know these major warning signs for financial fraud. 1…. Read more »

Minster Bank Community Voices: David Oliver

Retro microphone with minster bank community voices david oliver text

Minster Bank Community Voices is a new audio series that takes you behind the scenes of our organization. You’ll hear firsthand stories from the people who make Minster Bank great. This week’s guest is David Oliver, wealth management advisor at our Minster location.  Q: How did you get started at Minster Bank? A: When I… Read more »

Retirement Community, Assisted Living or Nursing Home: What’s the Difference?

Senior woman sitting at a table looking at a laptop researching assisted living and nursing homes

As you plan for the next stage of your retirement, you might be wondering if it’s best to stay in your home or move elsewhere. But what’s the difference between a retirement community, assisted living facility, and a nursing home?  Whether you’re eager to participate in a vibrant community of fellow retirees or want to… Read more »

Health Savings Accounts: How to Choose the Right One for You

Glass jar labeled health filled with coins representing HSA

Health Savings Accounts have a wealth of benefits. They can help you save on taxes, bolster your retirement fund and earn tax-free interest on your savings. Thanks to this trifecta of benefits, Forbes contributor John Goodman claims that no other savings vehicle can top an HSA.  However, different HSAs are tailored to different needs. To… Read more »

Three Reasons Women Need to Save More For Retirement

Young woman saves for retirement using piggy bank

Retirement is a big goal, no matter how far you are into your career. That’s why everyone needs to account for differences like healthcare needs, time in the workforce and more. Learn three reasons why women need to save more for retirement – and how to get there. Reason #1: Women Tend to Live Longer… Read more »