College Student Values Convenience and Mobile Accessibility at Minster Bank

First-year college student and Minster Bank customer and scholarship winner Lisa Adams of Sidney, OH

Between school and work, college student Lisa Adams enjoys a busy, active lifestyle. Minster Bank has been there for her in more ways than one, but what she appreciates most is the convenience of Minster Bank’s online and mobile banking options.

A 2021 graduate of Lehman Catholic High School, Lisa is also one of the Class of 2021 Minster Bank Scholarship recipients. As she heads off to college at The Ohio State University this fall, Lisa’s glad that she can continue to manage her finances through Minster Bank as she begins her college career.

Growing Up with Minster Bank

Lisa Adams and her parents

Lisa has known Minster Bank for practically her whole life and has made many great memories at the Sidney location over the years.

“I remember going through the drive-through with my mom and always wanting to go with her because they had tootsie rolls and suckers and smarties,” she said.

Lisa’s family also has close friends that work for Minster Bank, including Rhonda Keister, branch manager at the Sidney location. Lisa and her family always participated in the various Minster Bank customer appreciation events that were held, too.

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Taking More Financial Responsibility

Lisa first started personal banking with Minster Bank when she was 15 years old. She had recently started working part-time and needed a checking account to manage her earnings. She also received her first debit card at that time. Lisa Adams at her Lehman Catholic High School graduation

Since then, she has come to utilize tools like the Minster Bank mobile app more and more.

“I can see how much money I have, and I can transfer money from my savings to my checking account, and I don’t have to go in, which is super nice,” she said.

Although she prefers to manage her money online, she often takes advantage of the Minster Bank ATM when she needs cash for whatever reason, too.

“For it being a local bank, I think that’s super important that they do have the technology to do all the convenience that they have,” she said. “And I also think it’s super personable. We know everyone there. They help us out a lot. If I ever need anything, I just go in and talk to them, which is super nice.”

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Off to College and Banking on the Go

Lisa is a first-year student at Ohio State and is majoring in marketing, with a minor in fashion retail studies. She graduated from Lehman Catholic with not only a diploma, but also an associate’s degree from Edison State Community College, putting her two years ahead in her studies as she enters college. Lisa Adams at Ohio State University

As she prepared for her first year of college, Lisa certainly had a lot of items on her to-do list before departing for Ohio State, but finding a new financial institution was not one of them.

Thanks to the convenience of on-the-go banking options offered by Minster Bank, Lisa will continue to use her Minster Bank checking, savings and debit card for all her financial needs. Having secured a part-time job in Columbus, she was able to easily arrange for her earnings to be deposited directly into her account.

Lisa is also thankful to Minster Bank for providing her with a scholarship to help her work toward a bright future.

“It does mean a lot, especially with how expensive colleges are now. Every little bit helps out, and I’m very thankful that they do offer this scholarship, and not only one of them, but for multiple ones for multiple schools, which I think is awesome,” she said.

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Big Bank Convenience + Small-Town Customer Service

According to a special report compiled by the Bank Administration Institute, members of Gen Z value convenience and mobile accessibility when it comes to banking. It’s no surprise Lisa shares this viewpoint, but she also adds that Minster Bank’s personal approach and small-town feel are big pluses for her as well. Lisa Adams of Sidney, OH, and her siblings

“I think it’s the best of both worlds, where they do have all the technology and access that a big bank would have, but it’s also on the small-town, small business level, so it’s very personable,” she said. “You know everybody by name. They will go out of their way to help you, which I love, and especially being from a small town, I think we’re all very used to that.”

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