Employee Spotlight: Elaine Evers

Minster Bank staff 45 years ago

Elaine Evers has been at Minster Bank for 45 years and is planning a well-deserved retirement in July. Here’s what she says has changed over the years and what she’s always enjoyed about working at Minster Bank.

Working at Minster Bank: Then and Now

Evers hadn’t been looking for a job at Minster Bank when she started in 1975 – it just happened. She’d been laid off from another job and everything fell into place for her to get a new position at Minster Bank.

At that time, the only office was the one in Minster, with the New Bremen location still under construction.

However, the biggest change from then to now was the addition of computers. “When I started, you rotated jobs,” says Evers. “We had a proof machine where we ran all of our transactions through, and then a posting machine where you put the deposit in, and the card, and pressed a lever down.” She also remembers there being two adding machines in the teller line, which tellers would need to wait their turn to use.

“Nothing was computerized – it was all just a manual process. Totally different from today,” she says.

Working at Minster Bank Now

Now, Evers enjoys her work of processing personal loans because no two applications are the same. “I like that it’s something that you can start and see the finished product. It’s always different. As far as being bored – that’ll never happen!”

The Maria Stein, Ohio, native doesn’t have any big plans for retirement yet except enjoying more time to finish projects around the house and travel to Dayton to visit her sister.

“I figured I’d just take the next month off and plan what I’ll do after that,” she says.

But bank employees won’t be without her experience too often – she still plans to come in twice a month to help out after she retires.

“I think we’ve got a great group of people here – everybody is very friendly and tries to work together. It’s kind of that small-town bank feel,” she says.

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