Employee Spotlight: Janelle Homan

Minster Bank’s Janelle Homan with her husband and two children

We’re highlighting Minster Bank employees with fun, inspiring and interesting stories to tell. This week’s featured employee is Janelle Homan, a retail associate at the St. Marys office.

Six Years With Minster Bank

Minster native Janelle started at the New Bremen office six years ago and within a few months moved to working in the call center during her summer break from substitute teaching. She realized she enjoyed it, and stopped subbing to switch to working full-time at Minster Bank.

Janelle Homan and her family

Three years later, after getting married and while expecting her first child, Janelle made the switch to the St. Marys office to be a little closer to home: “If I get all green lights, it takes me about eight minutes to get to work. That’s a huge perk,” she said.

Working at the drive-thru window assisting customers has been an extra busy year for Janelle with the increase in drive-thru traffic due to COVID-19

“It’s definitely kept us on our toes. There was no time to get bored!” she said. “I bet we went through 10 or 12 [pneumatic] drive-thru tubes because they were getting so overworked.” 

Janelle, a mom of two, said working at Minster Bank has been a family-friendly experience and she appreciates how manager Kathy Sampson and assistant manager Brenda Slone make the workplace feel more personal.

“They’re very respectful of family life and your life outside of work,” she said.

Still Teaching

One thing Janelle appreciates about her job at Minster Bank is that her part-time hours allow her to keep a hand in the teaching world. 

Through Auglaize County Educational (ACE) Academy, a charter school that offers online education, Janelle teaches sixth, seventh and eighth grade English, language arts and social studies. 

In years past, she might have taught 20 to 30 students. Now, because of COVID, she’s teaching 86 students. 

“It’s been a lot of learning how to juggle that extra load this year,” she said. 

This experience dovetails with Minster Bank’s efforts to provide financial literacy programs to local schools. Janelle said participating in financial literacy programs has been one of her favorite parts of working at the bank, involving getting back into schools and sharing this practical information. In fact, pre-COVID, Janelle had planned to combine both worlds this past spring and teach a financial literacy program to ACE Academy students.

Joining the Minster Bank Team

Learn more about working at Minster Bank. With a family-friendly work environment and a range of positions available, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you.

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