Employee Spotlight: Julie Uhlenhake

Julie Uhlenhake Family

If you’ve ever noticed how our customer service sets us apart from other banks, you can thank the Call Center. As our Call Center Manager, Julie Uhlenhake was involved with building the department from the ground up when she first started with us in 1997.

Through the years, Julie has taken on various roles including employee training, school outreach, and bank operations, to name a few.  Julie’s passion has always been delivering a great customer experience and helping others to do the same.  “When customers call us, they’ve often already got a problem or need assistance navigating an issue. It’s very gratifying to know that you’re actually helping people.  We’re able to be advocates for the customer,” she said.

Julie and her husband, Terry, stay busy with their four kids – Natalie, Hayden, Shawn and Macy.  The kids keep them busy with sports, music, and drama programs.  They are also active in community organizations and church.  But if they are looking for adventure, you might find them hiking or biking a local path, spending time at amusement parks or enjoying live music. Julie personally enjoys spending time with others, cooking, crafting, and a good nap.

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