A Farmer: The Ultimate Entrepreneur

As a child, Dan Klosterman recalls his parents opening his first savings account with Minster Bank. From his first deposit to his first car loan to financing his farm expansion, he has turned to Minster Bank.

Why? Because longevity, trust and personal service still mean a lot in ag business. This business mindset early on and value in business relationships are just a few of the reasons farmers are called the “ultimate entrepreneur.”

Growing an Ag Business

Dan and his family have grown the family ag operation to 2,500 sows and 600 acres in the last 10 years.

Dan says he continues to use Minster Bank for all his ag financing needs because they have taken the time to build a relationship with him.

The commercial loan officer has visited Dan’s farm to see how the operation works and to better understand business purchases and goals. Those extras steps to become fully vested in a customer mean a lot to many of today’s farmers.

“They know this area and understand farming is our livelihood,” Dan says. “They know our background here at the farm. We aren’t just a number, and I respect that.”

A Lesson from Farmers

Farmers are constantly innovating while sticking to their values and ethics — something many entrepreneurs in today’s business world could learn from, says Amol Deshpande, CEO and co-founder of Farmers Business Network in an article for Entrepreneur magazine.

“In this day and age of excessive litigation and easy online legal services, you might think that contracts are all that matters. But in fact, your reputation and your longevity in business are governed more by your actions than by any words on paper. Farming communities are small, and farmers live and die by their word and the trust that is built with the various vendors they do business with. I suspect this simple fact could be lost on many entrepreneurs in other industries, but it is of the utmost importance — there is a compounding return on your ethics and keeping your word,” Deshpande wrote about farmers.

For Dan, Minster Bank has never given him a single reason to change financial institutions. “The personal service is why I tell other farmers to go there,” he says. “I don’t just know them. They know me.”

Agricultural Financing with Minster Bank

As a financier of ag loans and locally-owned and operated, we have an extensive background in the ag industry. We can assist in evaluating your operational and financial position, while guiding you to a business plan that makes sense for you.

At Minster Bank, our ag loans feature:

  • A variety of options in operating loans and lines of credit.
  • Financing for both owner- and non-owner occupied projects.
  • Flexible terms and competitive rates.

At Minster Bank, our goal is to see you grow and succeed in agriculture. Find out more about our agricultural lending options. 

At Minster Bank, we know ag. Our roots are tied to the land.

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