[Quiz] How Well Do You Know Minster Bank’s Logo?

QUIZ: How well do you know Minster Bank’s logo?

You’ve probably seen the Minster Bank logo around town, on your bank statements or when you log into your online banking portal. Did you know each of the logo’s elements has a special meaning?

Quiz yourself below to see how well you know Minster Bank. [answer key at the bottom]

Question 1: The golden bar at the top of the logo represents _______.

The golden bar at the top of Minster Bank’s logo.

  1. The gold standard we establish for customer service
  2. Our communities and customers
  3. Gold bars we keep locked in the safe
  4. The Minster Bank board of directors

Question 2: The floating diamond represents our banking philosophy, which revolves around ________________.

The floating diamond in Minster Bank’s logo.

  1. Our communities
  2. Investments and profits
  3. People and relationships
  4. The founders of Minster Bank

Question 3: The styled “M” represents the roots of our ____________________.

The styled “M” in minster Bank’s logo.

  1. Knowledge in financial services
  2. Original founders
  3. Role in the village of Minster
  4. Community bank heritage

Question 4: The foundational gold bar stands for our _______________ as a successful community bank since 1914.

The golden bar at the bottom of Minster Bank’s logo.

  1. Stability and history
  2. Expertise and quality
  3. Commitment and loyalty
  4. Customer focus and leadership

Question 5: What nickname do Minster Bank employees call the logo?

  1. Big M
  2. The hero
  3. Elmo
  4. Marvin

Where Did the Logo Come From?

In 1996, we wanted to find a new way to identify our bank to the public in a positive, consistent way. The bank was formerly known as Minster State Bank, but we needed a name that would help us expand geographically and graphic elements to match.

So, we developed the logo and name you see today. How did we come up with the ideas for the logo? We identified a few key areas that defined Minster Bank’s image:

  • Warm
  • Hometown
  • Focused on people and families
  • Fun and upbeat
  • Natural
  • Current
  • Stable and secure
  • Welcoming

A Look at Minster Bank’s History

In 2014, we celebrated the first 100 years of Minster Bank’s service to the local communities. Learn more about our history and get a glimpse at what lies ahead in this video.

The video features Mark Henschen, Minster Bank’s president and CEO during the anniversary celebration in 2014. Since Henschen’s retirement in early 2018, Dale Luebke is the current president and CEO who’s leading Minster Bank into the future.

Follow Community News from Minster Bank

We’ve proudly served western Ohio communities since 1914. Our personal and commercial banking services, as well as our wealth management team, serve everyone from students opening their first savings account to local businesses to municipalities.

Want to stay connected to Minster Bank? Follow us on Facebook or check the community news section on our website.

Quiz Answer Key

  • 3
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3

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