“I Want Everybody to Know Just How Good They Are”: Local Lawyer Praises Minster Bank

Portrait of James Utrecht with Utrecht Law Offices of Troy Ohio

When the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) opened up, Troy, Ohio, attorney James Utrecht knew he needed to work with an experienced bank to secure the funding.

He chose Minster Bank – specifically, working with his long-time contact, senior commercial loan officer Jerry Herbe.

“He got my application together, approved and funded in seven days,” said Utrecht.

Learn more about his experience and why he’s been a Minster Bank advocate for many years.

Applying for PPP Loans at Minster Bank

As the economy began to shut down in late March, Utrecht – founding principal of Utrecht Law Offices  – needed to protect his company and employees. 

The PPP loan is intimidating to the bank customer because there’s a concern that if you don’t get the loan, you might not survive,” he said. “If I went in debt beyond what I could stand, [no one’s] going to have a job when it’s over.”

Utrecht knew from years of working with Herbe that he had a solid working knowledge of the SBA loan process. 

“Jerry knows that system back and forth,” he said. 

One of the main draws of the PPP loan is the potential forgiveness aspect of the loan. If borrowers want to apply for forgiveness, they’ll need their lender to assist. While details are still pending for this part of the program, Minster Bank can assist borrowers once details are provided.

Business Banking With Minster Bank

Over the years, Utrecht has come to Minster Bank with a wide variety of banking needs, ranging from loans for property to payroll services. He also recommends them to his legal clients and even uses Minster Bank for his personal checking account

All those transactions went smoothly; they were very efficient; they were professionally handled,” he said.

He also said working with the bank is always simple and he knows he can trust the people there.

I just think that Minster Bank does such a good job that I want everybody to know just how good they are at what they do. And I would recommend their services for almost anything any bank customer would ever want,” he said. “I love that bank.” 

Explore Business Banking Services at Minster Bank 

You’re an expert at running your business. Let us handle your banking needs so you can spend more time on what you know and love. 

Here are just a few of our business banking services:

• Online banking and bill pay
• Cash management
• Checking
• Payroll
• Loans

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