Mark Your Calendar for the Spring Parade of Homes

Homes in a neighborhood representing the spring parade of homes in tipp city ohio

Minster Bank and the Western Ohio Home Builders Association have teamed up for the Spring Parade of Homes, which will feature 13 homes around the Miami Valley.

From noon to 4 p.m. May 4 and 5, you’ll have the chance to walk through the 13 beautiful homes on the tour during this free event, talk to various representatives and builders, and enter to win door prizes.

The Spring Parade of Homes is just one event in a continuous partnership between Minster Bank and the Western Ohio Home Builders Association. Read on to learn more about the event and this relationship.

Spring Parade of Homes

The Spring Parade of Homes features 13 homes from Covington to Tipp City, each sponsored by local businesses. Minster Bank is the title sponsor, so three homes will have representatives available to answer questions.


Angie McWhirter, director of the Western Ohio Home Builders Association, noted the homes are staged, so visitors can get ideas for updating their own homes or building a new one.

“A lot of people can’t buy a $600,000 or an $800,000 home – there are a couple of high-dollar homes we have – if you live in a little $100,000 home, it’s great because you can take those ideas and make them your own,” McWhirter said.

“If you are interested in building a home, you can talk to the builder one-on-one — they’re standing there in the house and are accessible for the weekend,” she added. “Or you can buy the house they’re standing in … For the most part, those houses are for sale or they can build you one just like it.”

Some of the houses will also be landscaped, so if you’re looking for some landscaping ideas, you’ll also find them at the Spring Parade of Homes.

“They use the newest products, so it’s a great way to see the newest of any surface. Whether it’s flooring or countertops or pavers outside, they always try to use the latest and greatest,” McWhirter said.

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A Continuous Partnership with Minster Bank

The Western Ohio Home Builders Association offers discounts, networking and events like the Spring Parade of Homes. The organization is also active in national and state advocacy for builders. Advocacy at the national and state level is important because of legislation that may affect members, McWhirter noted.

“We try to mitigate and make sure that all of the codes that come down from the national and state level are fair to the builder,” she said.

“Minster Bank has always been our main supporter and title sponsor, and they’ve been very, very generous this year,” McWhirter said. “They are an ingrained partner with us, and we lean on them.”

The partnership is also deepened by Jerry Herbe, senior commercial loan officer at the Troy location, as the treasurer for the Western Ohio Home Builders Association.

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McWhirter noted Minster Bank is a large supporter for the organization’s annual golf outing, the John Ernst Memorial, as well as various events throughout the year. Minster Bank also helps the organization with its finances, and McWhirter said she’s able to get answers if she has any questions.

“I really rely on the people when I walk into the door – they know me; I know if I have questions, I know I can get an answer really quickly,” McWhirter said, noting she primarily works with the Troy, Ohio, location, but she’s also partnered with the Marketing Department for assistance in promoting events.

“I’ve been ingrained with the tellers and the people who work there; some of them have gone up to Minster, and I keep in touch with them. I’m a chamber ambassador with Kathy Vukovic, the branch manager in Troy, and Beth (Peters) in residential lending, and Jerry Herbe in commercial lending.

“I know them all … if I have a question, I know I can just walk into the door, and their doors are always open. They’re always willing to sit down with me, and I appreciate that,” said McWhirter.

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