Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County: ‘We Wouldn’t Be Where We Are if it Wasn’t for Minster Bank’

The Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County’s new, 24-hour accessible women’s abuse and domestic violence shelter, located at 530 Crescent Drive in Troy, Ohio.

Barb Holman serves as the executive director of the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County — a shelter that was started by her mother, Miami County Deputy Sheriff Barbel Adkins, to serve Miami County in 1979.

Holman eventually took over as executive director of the shelter, which she has assisted since 1996, and she credits Minster Bank with helping the shelter continue to operate and expand throughout the years — including its most recent emergency shelter expansion in Troy, Ohio.

Building a New Shelter for Women and Children

When the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County was looking to expand its emergency shelter, Minster Bank was there to help.

Living room at the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County

“Minster Bank donated to our capital campaign to help us raise funds to build that facility, and they worked with us to help us secure a construction loan that made the whole project possible,” Holman said. “I always tell people we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for Minster Bank.”

Children’s room and playground at the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County

The new, 24-hour accessible shelter, located at 530 Crescent Drive in Troy, Ohio, is a 7,370 square foot facility featuring separate living spaces for survivors of domestic violence and homeless individuals and families. It is energy-efficient, handicapped accessible and can accommodate up to 40 beds.

Hallway and library at the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County

“This would not have even been possible if we did not have Minster Bank working with us and making that loan available; it would not have been a reality,” Holman added.

The Beginning of a Community Partnership

The Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County also runs a men’s homeless shelter — the Buckeye House, which opened in 1991 —  and when Holman was researching mortgages for a new facility for that shelter, that’s when she found Minster Bank.

“As a non-profit organization, it can be difficult to secure a mortgage because you don’t have a lot of resources or a steady income, and you’re not making a profit,” she said. “Minster Bank graciously took a chance on us, and it turned out to be a really good partnership.”

That first impression led the non-profit organization to move all of its financial banking to Minster Bank, and it’s been a “wonderful experience” since.

A Small Bank With Community Compassion

“When I go in, people know your name and they always make you feel important,” Holman said. “That’s so reassuring as a non-profit, as well, because they see you as a great customer, and I appreciate that.”

She credited Minster Bank’s proactiveness and personalized feel, as well. Holman primarily worked with Senior Commercial Lender Jerry Herbe and said she appreciated his guidance and support during the process.

Jerry is always so helpful and his leadership style truly makes a difference when it comes to customer care. Jerry really believes in Minster Bank being a community partner, and it shows,” she said.

She added, “They’re always looking at our business and seeing how they can make things easier and more helpful for you. Every time I need assistance, they’re very responsive.”

“Just having people know who you are, there’s a certain comfort in that.”

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