Minster Bank Class of 2020: Announcing Our Scholarship Award Recipients

Four headshots of the Minster Bank class of 2020 scholarship recipients

Giving back to the community is an integral part of our values here at Minster Bank. 

We pride ourselves on continuing to contribute to future generations, from our financial literacy programs to our annual scholarship awards.

This year, we awarded $14,000 in scholarships to students in the communities we serve. Each recipient was chosen by their school and needed to meet three criteria:

• A graduating senior with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
• Planning a two- or four-year degree with a major in business at an accredited community, private or public university
• Has never received a suspension from high school, which would negate eligibility for the scholarship

Read on to meet the 13 Class of 2020 recipients of the Minster Bank scholarship and learn more about their plans for the future!

Cade Schmelzer

Cade Schmelzer: Covington High School

Cade is the son of Chad and Jeannette and plans to attend Wittenberg University and major in business. At Covington High School, Cade’s activities and awards included track, President of the National Honor Society, SADD Club, President’s Award, Outstanding Senior Boy and 1st Team Division VI.

Words from Cade:

I would like to say thank you for the scholarship money that you have given me. As I attend Wittenberg University this coming fall, this scholarship will go directly towards paying for books, housing and the tuition itself. I will make the most of this opportunity that you have invested in and make the most out of every minute of it.


Jessica Batton scholarship winner fairlawn

Jessica Batton: Fairlawn High School

Jessica is the daughter of John and Kristen and will be attending Baylor University majoring in business. Her activities and awards at Fairlawn High School included: FFA chapter secretary, 4H Club president and treasurer, Envirothon Team, Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award, All American Quarter Horse Congress Reining Champion.

Hayden Egbert

Hayden Egbert: Fort Loramie High School

Hayden is the son of Ryan and Kari and will be attending Wright State University majoring in accountancy. At Fort Loramie High School, Hayden was a scoreboard operator and was involved in club bowling.

Lyndsey Jones

Lyndsey Jones: Lehman Catholic High School

Lyndsey is the daughter of Bradley and Kelly and plans on majoring in architecture at The Ohio State University. At Lehman High School, Lyndsey was the salutatorian, received the STEM Award and Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas Humanities Award. She was also class president, soccer team captain, a member of the National Honor Society and a blood donor.

Words from Lyndsey:

Just wanted to say thank you for the scholarship. I wasn’t expecting it at all, so it made for the best surprise. When I stopped in at Lehman to drop something off, I was met with cheers and an envelope. I was thoroughly confused but opening the envelope to find that I received your scholarship made my day. Thank you for selecting me and for giving me a chance to pursue my dreams. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me!

Hope Ranly

Hope Ranly: Marion Local High School

Hope is the daughter of Jared and Caroline and plans to major in international business at the University of Toledo. At Marion Local High School, Hope was a cheerleader, a member of the choir, Drama Club and Art Club.

Justin Mox

Justin Mox: Minster High School

Justin is the son of Andy and Amy. He plans to attend Ohio University and major in business economics. At Minster High School, Justin’s activities and awards included: baseball, class officer, YLA chairman, FFA, Investment Club and Honor Roll.

Words from Justin:

Thank you for the scholarship and believing in me! With this scholarship I will be able to pursue my goals and help with the cost of tuition. Once again, thank you!

Sydney Paul

Sydney Paul: New Bremen High School

Sydney is the daughter of Corey and Sharon. She plans on attending Wright State Lake Campus, majoring in accounting. Sydney’s activities and awards at New Bremen High School included: Girl Scouts Bronze, Silver and Gold Award recipient, football and basketball cheerleading, cross country, summer swim, Holy Redeemer Church Decorating Committee and Science Club.

Words from Sydney:

Thank you for the Minster Bank Scholarship. Your generosity will ease my financial burden. I will work hard to maintain my grades. I’m really excited to be attending Wright State Lake Campus to study accounting. I discovered I wanted to be an accountant through my Girl Scout Gold Award project, where I had to manage a budget for the Bremenfest Game tent. Again, thank you so much for your support!

Caleb Lageman

Caleb Lageman: New Knoxville High School

Caleb is the son of Mark and Sarah. He plans on attending Wright State University – Lake Campus to major in general business. While at New Knoxville High School, Caleb was involved in the following activities and awards: basketball, baseball, cross country, Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award and MAC Honored Scholar Athlete.

Mason King

Mason King: St. Marys Memorial High School

Mason is the son of Justin and Shawna and plans on majoring in sports management at Northwood University. While at St. Marys Memorial High School, Mason served as DECA Chapter President, Ohio DECA State Officer, was a member of Student Council, Interact (Rotary Club) and a Fellowship of Christian Athlete.

Words from Mason:

My occupational goal is to excel in a career as a sports marketer for a big-named sports team. This career would allow me to display my business qualities as well as my leadership skills. Apart from my actual job as a sports marketer, I want to use my occupation’s platform to better the community in which I am employed and also my hometown, St. Marys, whether this means to financially give back to these two communities or to simply just give advice to the youth about life.

I already have a jump start with making my own respected platform in St. Marys. As an 18-year-old high school student, I have had many local business owners and leaders display their respect for me and my passion of giving. My senior year of high school, I started and ran my charity, Head to Toe. It was a huge success and I met all of my goals. Throughout St. Marys and neighboring communities, Head to Toe was a common topic to be heard of. I was able to reach over 20,000 people in St. Marys, neighboring communities, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee and even Grenada in the Caribbean islands. Head to Toe helped dress over 30 families for the winter and helped equip them with the items they need. Apart from that, Head to Toe gave thousands of clothing items to Lima Rescue Mission and also thousands of items to Neighborhood Relief Store in Lima, Ohio. Head to Toe made headlines in multiple newspapers and online media. Most importantly, I gained many positive relationships with businesses, business owners and community leaders. This will benefit me in my future when I return to St. Marys to give back even more than I did the first time with Head to Toe.

Along with the giving of items, I also was fortunate to use my platform to inspire and educate younger generations in St. Marys and teach them the importance of sharing, giving and serving their community. However, I want to do more; this is just the start.

I plan to accomplish this goal of giving back by first using my determination to succeed to earn my degree in sports management at Northwood University. While in college, I plan to acquire an internship which will give me over 400 hours of work experience in my major before the day I graduate. After college, I will use my degree to obtain a job in my major. From my first day on the job, I will build a platform through my occupation. After acquiring a respected and successful platform, I will begin my mission to better those two communities. While giving back, I will ensure that the quality of work that I am doing for my company is way above average and to show my importance in the company as a vital role in the success of the whole organization.

Ben Spangler

Ben Spangler: Sidney High School

Ben is the son of Joe and Brenda. He plans on majoring in business analytics at Bowling Green State University. While attending Sidney High School, Ben was involved in Business Professionals of America, Honor Roll and the golf team.

Craig Montgomery

Craig Montgomery: Troy Christian High School

Craig is the son of Ann and plans on majoring in finance and economics and minoring in entrepreneurial studies at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Craig was involved in wrestling, football, was a food bank volunteer and class president while attending Troy Christian High School.

Words from Craig:

I have always had a passion for business. I first got a job at Goodwill to originally help me resell and pursue my second business (I started to resell vintage clothing). When this didn’t work, I used that experience to help me decide that I need business in my life. 

The idea of “creating money” has always intrigued me (creating money in the aspect of selling a product to receive cash and make a profit). I compared business to my time at Goodwill and it has given me a drive to succeed. I saw that reselling a pair of shoes can easily make up for 10, or more, hours of work at my minimum wage job without truly working. I have always loved the idea of passive income and multiple revenue streams for income.

I am wanting to go to Grand Canyon University for multiple reasons, one being the area for real estate. While I’m uncertain of the career I’m wanting to pursue after college, such as real estate agent or financial job, I know my end goal and what I’m wanting to do. I want to get into real estate investing. Real estate has so many benefits and is the best avenue, in my opinion, for accumulating long-term wealth.

Sam Reed

Sam Reed: Troy High School

Sam is the son of Eric and Casey, and he plans on majoring in business marketing at The Ohio State University. While attending Troy High School, Sam was involved in football, baseball, basketball and National Honor Society.

Words from Sam:

Thank you so much for the extremely generous scholarship gift of $1,000. I am very appreciative of the financial help I am accepting, and look forward to putting this money to good use and attaining an education I can use.

Timothy Bruns

Timothy Bruns: Wapakoneta High School

Timothy is the son of Anthony and Michele. He plans on attending Bluffton University as a business major. While at Wapakoneta High School, Timothy was involved in golf, baseball and Octagon Club.

Congratulations to Our 2020 Scholarship Winners

Minster Bank wishes all of our recipients and the rest of the Class of 2020 success in their future endeavors.

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