Minster Bank Community Voices: David Oliver

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Minster Bank Community Voices is a new audio series that takes you behind the scenes of our organization. You’ll hear firsthand stories from the people who make Minster Bank great.

This week’s guest is David Oliver, wealth management advisor at our Minster location

Q: How did you get started at Minster Bank?

A: When I got started, I came right out of college. Just like any other senior, you put your resume out there. I worked at an insurance company and transitioned to financial services, and then got into the investing side of the business.

I’d been there for a few years and decided to transition to Minster Bank when I wanted to get away from the corporate world. 

I’m from Versailles. I was in Troy before and I decided to come over to Minster. It’s pretty much the same exact drive, and the communities are very similar, so it was an easy transition.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: It’s funny you asked that because I asked that during my interview process and didn’t really get a straight answer. 

Now I understand why – because we really don’t have a typical day. We try to work with our customers and really make sure we can take care of them as best as possible. 

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Q: What are the most common questions people ask you?

A: The biggest question I get is, what are the rates going to do? How are they going to be over the next few months? That includes the Fed rate, the interest rates. People ask, how are the markets doing – going up, going down? What do you think the next big thing is going to be in the market?

Q: Do you recommend any other resources to help people learn about finance and investing?

A: There’s a ton of info on our website and blog. Typically, if there’s market research, we’re going to go to Morningstar. That’s pretty much our turn-to and the industry standard.

Q: What’s a challenge you enjoy at work?

A: I enjoy trying to figure out someone’s situation and make it work when it’s hard to do. Whenever we meet with a customer, we’re going to take all their information down, and then if they want a financial plan put together, our goal is to make that plan work for them as best as possible. 

It is a little challenging sometimes, making everyone’s situation work out how they want it to, but typically we can find some time of solution that we can all agree upon. 

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Q: Why is it important for young people to start saving early?

A: I’ve never met a person in retirement who says, I’ve got too much. You can never start early enough. 

Typically you want to take advantage of your 401(k) match and things like that You can accomplish more in your 20s and 30s than you can from ages 40 to 60. We really want to emphasize getting started early and getting that compounding going. More time in the market is always better.

Q: What are your top financial tips?  

A: Take advantage of 401(k) match; start as early as possible; and save as much as you can, plus some. 

Q: How long have you been at Minster Bank?

A: I’m coming up on about a year and a half. 

The people I work with are pretty awesome, and the culture that the bank has is really awesome. I don’t think anyone ever has a bad day. It’s really nice working with all the different people I get to work with, and then meeting new customers every single day.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: My wife and I have three kids, so we love spending time with them. We just bought a new house in the country and we’re starting to make that transition back to the country where we both grew up, so that’s going to be really exciting.

As far as hobbies, I really enjoy golfing. I try to golf at least once a week. I enjoy competition shooting, too. 

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