Minster Bank a Perfect Fit for New Vandalia-Butler Location

Rendering of minster bank vandalia-butler ohio office

Even before the opening of Minster Bank’s newest branch, members of the Vandalia-Butler Township community were already looking forward to its completion. 

That includes the township administration itself. Erika Vogel, the Butler Township administrator, told us why she’s excited for the bank’s opening later this year.

Read on to hear what she says the bank brings to the community. 

“A Perfect Fit” 

Vogel said the lot at 8530 N. Dixie Dr. had been waiting for a new use for some time. Right on the main business district corridor, it sat on the corner of a bustling street and a quieter residential neighborhood. winter 2020 construction minster bank vandalia-butler location

Minster Bank, which would only be open during the day and would provide services to residents, would make a great addition.

“For us, I think the bank was a perfect fit for that site,” said Vogel. “The building is going to be beautiful and a nice addition to that corner.” 

Map showing new Minster Bank location in Vandalia
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Vogel said the fit wasn’t just physical: The addition of a new local banking option is something local residents are always seeking. 

“They like that feeling of being connected with their financial institution as opposed to a bigger corporate bank,” she said. 

Minster Bank and the Butler Township administration have worked together in the past, too. One reason for that is Joel K. Bopp, senior commercial lender, who works at Minster Bank’s current Vandalia location. 

“Joel has always been great to work with and very active in our community and the chamber,” Vogel said. “We all know him very well.”

Why is Minster Bank Expanding?

With seven current branches serving west-central Ohio, Minster Bank wants to expand its services and local, community feel to Montgomery County residents.

Minster Bank president and CEO Dale Luebke says the bank had been considering an expansion for some time and now was the right moment.

“As part of our strategic planning process and growth philosophy, we make an effort to seek out locations that fit our community roots,” he said.

All customers, regardless of location, can expect the same courteous service, expertise, and community focus they’ve come to associate with Minster Bank.

What’s Next for the Vandalia-Butler Branch?

Timeline of new Minster Bank branch construction
With construction completed in summer 2020 and a
new manager and commercial loan officer hired, it wasn’t long until the branch opened.

In the meantime, keep up with everything going on at Minster Bank on our social media accounts and blog to get helpful tips, read stories from local customers, and be the first to know about new happenings. 

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