On the Grow with Monroe Grounds Maintenance

Evan and Eric Monroe of Monroe Grounds Maintenance

In 2004, Evan and Eric Monroe, twin brothers with a vision, kick-started their snow removal business right after graduating high school. Little did they know the incredible journey that awaited them.

“We started plowing snow right out of high school, and it grew from there,” said Evan and Eric. “We both went into law enforcement for a number of years and continued our business on the side but eventually had to decide which direction we would go.

“Since then, we’ve grown to about 25 employees and do almost everything in the landscape and grounds maintenance industry.”

Evan and Eric appreciate their customers, their employees and the support they’ve received from the community. That’s why they turned to Minster Bank, a local bank, for their financial needs — and the bank has become a trusted partner over the years. 

Learn more about their business and how Minster Bank has supported them along the way in this blog. 

Delivering Top-Notch Services and Supporting Local Causes

Monroe Grounds Maintenance does it all, including comprehensive grounds maintenance for commercial and residential properties, landscape design and installation, commercial snow removal, grade work, lawn care applications and much more.

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Monroe Grounds Maintenance trucks

While headquartered in Troy, they extend their reach across the Greater Dayton area. From Huber Heights to Springfield, they put their customers first.

Evan and Eric also believe in giving back to the community through the support of local causes such as the Pink Ribbon Good, Veterans Memorial, Miami County Fair, Overfield Tavern Museum, as well as various other charitable donations and contributions.

“We do a lot for the community,” they added. “We wouldn’t be anything without them.”

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Monroe Grounds Maintenance property

Making the Move to Minster Bank

Through the financial support of Minster Bank’s Commercial Lending team, Monroe Grounds Maintenance continues to offer the best for their clients with quality equipment and services.

“We got started with Minster Bank around the same time our parents, owners of B-K Root Beer Stand in Troy, switched to them,” Evan and Eric said. “The bank we had at the time just didn’t feel like a small town bank anymore, and they were really difficult to work with.”

Evan and Eric decided to give Minster Bank a shot and were quickly glad they did. They immediately noticed the positive business results and the one-on-one communication. They also greatly appreciated the friendly environment and how helpful everyone was.

They treat you like a person, and there’s a lot less hoops to jump through,” they added. “There’s nothing you can’t ask them that they won’t help you with. Not all banks are like that anymore.”

Accessing Loans and Lines of Credit to Meet Their Business Needs

Minster Bank has been crucial to the success and growth of Monroe Grounds Maintenance. Evan and Eric have used their property loans and taken a loan out on some of their equipment. 

“Our line of credit with Minster Bank is twice what it was with our other bank,” they said. “And it was 10 times easier to get approved through Minster Bank.

“They give you the tools to be able to grow and do what you need to do. When you’re trying to run a business, you need that support, especially when you’re trying to take it to the next level, and they understand that.”

Evan and Eric have recommended Minster Bank to others, and they continue to do so. “Minster Bank has been a good bank to work with — it’s been an excellent working relationship,” they added. 

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Helping You Write Your Success Story

For over a century, Minster Bank has been focused on local business success. We’re your go-to partner for financial empowerment, offering an array of services tailored to fuel your success:

  • Loans: Let’s fund your dreams and fuel growth.
  • Checking Accounts: The cornerstone of your financial transactions
  • Payroll Services: Simplifying payments for smoother operations.
  • Cash Management: Optimize your cash flow with our expert guidance.
  • Online Banking & Bill Pay: Convenience at your fingertips, securely and seamlessly.
  • Credit Cards: Unlock purchasing power for your business needs.

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