Owner of Champion Nutrition Reflects on Partnership With Minster Bank

Casey Rammel and her family at the Grand Opening of Champion Nutrition

If you’re in the New Bremen area and in need of a healthy pick-me-up, Champion Nutrition is the place to go. Since the summer of 2021, small business owner Casey Rammel has been providing the community with shakes, energy teas, vitamins and healthy snacks that contain Herbalife Nutrition supplements.

Minster Bank has been a great source of support to Rammel from the beginning, whether it’s financial solutions for her business or just promptly answering questions she has. And the icing on the cake is that both Minster Bank and Champion Nutrition share a passion for serving their community in a way nobody else can.

Dreaming Up The Idea for Champion Nutrition

Rammel was on maternity leave with her third child when the idea to open up her own shop first crossed her mind. She frequently traveled to Celina to Blessed Nutrition for healthy teas and shakes and became friends with the owner, Heather Byers.

“I just said to [Heather] one day, ‘Hey, have you ever thought about opening one of these in New Bremen?’” said Rammel. “Her response was, “Well, why don’t you?’”

It was a few more years before the timing was right for Rammel and her family, and in June 2021, Champion Nutrition officially opened.

Partnering With Minster Bank

Becoming a small business owner was uncharted territory for Rammel, as was the financial component of running a small business. She was already familiar with Minster Bank since their family already did all their personal banking at the New Bremen location.

“They’ve always been super friendly and easygoing. When we were first moving over to the New Bremen area, Dave Kelch helped us a ton through the house mortgage process,” said Rammel. “Then once we decided to open the business, I thought, ‘Why would I not keep it all with Minster Bank?’ Still to this day, they are always so friendly.”

Minster Bank assisted Rammel in obtaining a personal loan and setting up a separate checking account for the business. When she comes in to do a deposit for the store, the process is seamless, and the staff is always courteous and helpful.

Community Means Everything

Another thing Minster Bank and Rammel have in common is their commitment to serving the community. In fact, one of her favorite things about Minster Bank is the “small, hometown feel.”

“I like the friendly faces at Minster Bank,” she said. “ We go there quite a bit, so they know us. They’re personable, they’re always happy, and they’re always willing to help or answer any questions.”

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