7 Insider Tips to Help You Save Money on College Textbooks

Expensive textbook with one dollar bill hanging out of it

With a full load of college courses, textbook costs can pile up fast. If you’re looking to spend less and still have access to the textbooks you need, consider these tips for saving money. Shop Off-Campus On-campus college bookstores charge you a premium in exchange for one-stop shopping.  You can find better deals when you… Read more »

Your Four-Step Plan to Throwing the Perfect Summer Party

Friends enjoying outdoor entertaining during a summer party

Summer has a way of bringing family and friends together, and what better way to enjoy the season than an outdoor bash? Stress less as you prepare for your summer party with our four-step plan. You’ll be ready to turn your humble abode into the perfect place for entertaining. 1. Ready the Yard The surest… Read more »

How To Travel During Retirement

Retired couple posing in front of a cruise ship while traveling

When you retire, you have more time on your hands to see the world. However, with a fixed budget, planning your expenses out ahead of time is of utmost importance. Traveling during retirement is something that you can achieve with responsible budgeting and a sound strategy. Know Your Fixed Budget and Current Expenditures A good… Read more »

7 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste

Couple unpacks food from grocery store

According to National Geographic contributors Samantha Cohen and Eric Estroff, Americans throw out an average of $165 billion of food every year. Not only is excess food waste a problem for people’s wallets, it also has a detrimental effect on the environment and makes it harder for food to reach those who really need it…. Read more »

Staying Focused as a Small-Business Owner

Small business owner man stands with an iPad smiling

Everyone gets distracted from time to time. For those running small businesses, distractions are not only more frequent but also more detrimental to success. Staying focused is a key tool every small-business owner should have in their toolbox. Starting is Easy – but Finishing is Hard Most successful business owners agree that starting something is… Read more »

How to Plan for Retirement in Your 30s

Couple in their 30s looks at phone and plans for retirement

Whether you’re playing catch-up or fine-tuning established investments, your thirties are crucial years for strengthening your financial future. Consider these tips to help make your road to retirement a bit smoother. Know Your Investment Options Whether you’ve already been saving for retirement or you want to get started, it’s important to be aware of your… Read more »

How Much Should You Actually Spend on Housing?

Young couple unpacks boxes in their new home

When you’re laying out your budget, housing money is probably a pretty big chunk. But are you setting your housing budget wisely? Before you sign up for a new lease or mortgage, make sure the monthly payments won’t ruin your financial plans. Following the 28/36 Rule As with many financial concepts, there’s a rule to… Read more »