Parents watch two kids carry boxes in new home

Is Private Mortgage Insurance Good or Bad?

If you don’t have the money for a down payment on a home, you might have heard of private mortgage insurance, or PMI. This tool can help you buy a home faster, but it’s not without its costs. Learn more about PMI and decide if it’s worth the risks. What is Private Mortgage Insurance? When… Read more »

Valuable pearls, diamonds and gold jewelry

Should I Get Extra Insurance For My Valuables?

Your diamond wedding ring; your grandmother’s onyx necklace; an original Andy Warhol print; your great-uncle’s collection of rare stamps.  What do all these things have in common? Easy – they’re valuable, both in terms of money and sentimentality. To help protect them, you may want to consider extra insurance coverage.  Check Your Current Policy As… Read more »

Woman calls health insurance company about denied claim

How to Appeal a Denied Health Insurance Claim

Receiving a denial on your insurance claim, even after you’re feeling better, can be exceptionally frustrating. To help avoid unwanted stress on your finances and your peace of mind, consider the following methods to appeal a denied health insurance claim. Find Out Why Your Insurance Claim Was Denied Starts with figuring out why your claim… Read more »

Young woman speaks to her boss about communication in workplace

4 Questions That Can Help Reduce Employee Turnover

Did you know the cost to replace an employee can be thousands of dollars? If you don’t want to spend that kind of money – and who does? – it’s key to keep the employees you already have.  While some turnover is expected, taking action now will go a long way toward keeping your company… Read more »

13 students who recieved the Minster Bank 2019 Scholarship

Minster Bank Announces 2019 Scholarship Recipients

At Minster Bank, we believe creating a bright future begins with fostering talent and professional development in our young people. That’s why each year, we award scholarships to area students graduating from high school. We’re pleased to announce the 13 winners of this year’s award. Read on to learn more about each recipient.  Gray Harshbarger,… Read more »

Expensive textbook with one dollar bill hanging out of it

7 Insider Tips to Help You Save Money on College Textbooks

With a full load of college courses, textbook costs can pile up fast. If you’re looking to spend less and still have access to the textbooks you need, consider these tips for saving money. Shop Off-Campus On-campus college bookstores charge you a premium in exchange for one-stop shopping.  You can find better deals when you… Read more »