Woman doing her budget stresses over how much money she’s spending

How to Start Saving and Stop Stressing

We’ve all been there – the feeling of invincibility when your direct deposit hits your bank account, and the sinking feeling a few days later when you realize you’ve spent most of it. According to a study from Career Builder, nearly 78 percent of full-time workers live paycheck to paycheck each month. Are you one… Read more »

Family and children hold piggy bank with savings account money

When Should You Set Up Your Child’s Savings Account?

It’s never too early to start saving money, which is why a growing number of parents are opening savings accounts for their children. Doing so can help establish a brighter financial future for your child. Dave Sieminski of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau notes a study that found children from low-income families were three times… Read more »

Man is confident his financial information is safe when he uses his credit card for an online transaction

Is Your Financial Information Secure Online?

Online banking and investing are modern-day service that provide convenience if you often find yourself on the go. When banking online, you never have to worry about waiting in line, making it into a branch before the end of the day, or visiting your financial planner. You can easily pay bills and move money around… Read more »

Homeschooling requires careful budgeting but offers parents the flexibility to customize their children’s education

Financial Benefits and Drawbacks of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an increasingly popular choice for parents who want to customize their children’s education outside the traditional system. It also requires careful budgeting. Consider the following financial pros and cons as you weigh your decision. Pro: Homeschooling Costs Less Than Private School If you aren’t considering public schools for your children, homeschooling is generally… Read more »

Woman volunteers during the holiday season

How to Give Back During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of giving. Yet, it can often be difficult to determine just how to give back to others during this time of year. Though it may not seem like it, a simple donation or act of kindness can make a world of difference for those who are in need. This… Read more »

Obtaining a fiduciary to make essential arrangements for your assets

What is a Fiduciary?

When you are making arrangements to ensure financial security for yourself and for your family, you might happen across the idea of naming a fiduciary. A fiduciary can ensure that your money and assets are handled appropriately if you get sick, become injured or die. Knowing what a fiduciary does, the standards by which they… Read more »

Does the 4 percent rule still work as a retirement saving strategy?

Does the 4 Percent Rule Still Work?

If you’re well along the road to retirement, you’ve probably heard about the 4 percent rule in some capacity. This guideline for making withdrawals in retirement has been confirmed through extensive study and practice over the past 20 years. But with the financial demands on today’s retirees, is this strategy still valid? What is the… Read more »