Four Factors That Influence Your Home’s Value

White home behind in green yard in springtime

Your home will probably be your greatest financial investment, and doing what you can to protect that investment it is a constant effort. Some factors in your control, ranging from the way you keep your lawn to the way you renovate your bathrooms, will affect the value of your home in the long run. However,… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Biometric Authentication

Woman uses fingerprint to authenticate app on her smartphone

You know why it’s important to protect your personal online banking information with a strong password. You even go the extra mile and change your password every 90 days to make sure you’re always one step ahead. But what do you do when your mobile banking app introduces the idea of biometric authentication – and… Read more »

How to Help Build Your Teenager’s Credit Score: 4 Tips

Mother and teen son check the teenager's credit score

When your teen finally reaches high school graduation, they’re going to need a solid credit score for their next steps in life: renting an apartment, getting a loan or finding a good deal on insurance. For that reason, it’s important that teens build up their credit scores before they move out. There are a few… Read more »

Success Story: Minster Bank’s Private Wealth Management and Trust

Steve Eiting private wealth management department manager at minster bank ohio

For Steve Eiting, manager of the Private Wealth Management department at Minster Bank, the key to doing successful business is simple: Always put the client first. “Our goal is to be their one-stop financial institution,” said Eiting. “Here, they can get all their loans, they can do all their banking and we can do the… Read more »

What is a Co-signer – and Do You Need One?

First-time car buyer cosigns for an auto loan

If it’s your first time buying a car, you likely won’t have enough funds to pay for it in cash. And if you’re a young driver, you likely also won’t have the necessary credit history to get a loan. In these situations, or in situations where you may not be approved for a loan due… Read more »