Easily Improve your Credit Score in Six Steps

Checking credit score online

Credit scores are a sensitive topic for many people. According to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, more people would be more embarrassed to admit their credit scores than their weight (30 percent vs. 12 percent). Having a healthy credit score is necessary if you want to apply for loans or apartments,… Read more »

How to Adjust Your Savings When Your Income Changes

Couple adjusts budget at home computer

During your career, it’s inevitable that the size of your paycheck will change. Whether you move jobs, get promoted or get laid off, many factors influence how much money you bring home. When your income does change, for better or worse, it is essential to know how you can adapt. Know these tips for scaling… Read more »

A Solid Business Plan Is Important For Quality Growth

Businessman writes business plan on laptop computer

If you’ve recently started or are about to start your own business, you might be wondering if it’s really necessary to have a business plan. While it might seem like a lot of work, making a business plan is one of the most important things you can do to affect the success, direction, and reputation… Read more »

Save Time and Money: Avoid ATM Surcharges Today

Man uses debit card at a MoneyPass ATM

Want to avoid annoying ATM surcharge fees? The MoneyPass™ app lets you find surcharge-free ATMs near you. 5 Things to Know When Using MoneyPass™ 1. What is MoneyPass™? MoneyPass™ is one of the largest surcharge-free networks of ATMs in the United States. With over 25,000 ATMs located throughout the country, using MoneyPass™ is a convenient… Read more »

Signs of Success: A Partnership to Stand the Test of Time

Blank sign hanging over storefront

For more than 20 years, IC Signs has been serving the signage needs of Wapakoneta. When the opportunity came for Jeremy Kuhn to purchase IC Signs (previously known as Schneider Sign), Minster Bank was ready to help. Minster Bank sat down with Kuhn and developed a business loan that was specially tailored to fit Kuhn’s… Read more »

Minster Bank Adds Wealth Management Advisor

planning future with wealth management services

David Oliver has been hired as a Wealth Management Advisor for Minster Bank.  In making the announcement, Private Wealth Management Manager, Steve Eiting said that David will lead the bank’s efforts to grow the Private Wealth Management group’s presence for individuals and businesses.  David will be based out of the Minster office and will serve… Read more »