3 Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Getting your credit card down to a zero balance is possible – if you know how to do it. According to NerdWallet’s 2019 American Household Credit Card Debt Study, the average U.S. household carried just shy of $7,000 in revolving credit card debt and paid approximately $1,200 in interest. But depending on your circumstances, credit… Read more »

Is a farm expansion or ag building renovation in your future?

barn and silo on farm field

Are you considering a farm expansion, building renovation or new start-up? For farmers looking to expand or start a new operation, it can feel overwhelming. There are the pressures of purchasing the right land or equipment at the right price, developing a business plan and, of course, being a good community partner and steward of… Read more »

Save Money With These Loans and Financial Resources For Military Veterans

military family at home with child

If you or a loved one is a veteran of the U.S. military, you’ll find a variety of financial loan options to help you achieve your goals. Many of these financing and banking options provide better rates than conventional loans, with some even offering up to 100 percent financing. The most popular VA program is… Read more »

How One Local Farmer Put Down Roots with Minster Bank

Tractor cultivating field in springtime

As a child, Dan Klosterman recalls his parents opening his first savings account with Minster Bank. From his first deposit to his first car loan to financing his farm expansion, he has turned to Minster Bank. Why? Because longevity, trust and personal service still mean a lot in ag business. This business mindset and deep… Read more »