Parent discusses credit score with teen daughter

4 Tips to Help Build Your Teen’s Credit Score

When your teen finally reaches high school graduation, they’re going to need a solid credit score for their next steps in life: renting an apartment, getting a loan or finding a good deal on insurance. For that reason, it’s important that teens build up their credit scores before they move out. There are a few… Read more »

First-time car buyer cosigns for an auto loan

What is a Co-signer – and Do You Need One?

If it’s your first time buying a car, you likely won’t have enough funds to pay for it in cash. And if you’re a young driver, you likely also won’t have the necessary credit history to get a loan. In these situations, or in situations where you may not be approved for a loan due… Read more »

Man researching ways to decrease costs for his business

How to Decrease Costs for Your Business: A Visual Guide

With a bit of thought and creativity, you can decrease costs for your business in ways that won’t disrupt your goals or productivity. In fact, careful cost-cutting could even help your company operate and serve customers more effectively. A Visual Guide to Cutting Costs for Your Small Business Get More Small Business Success Tips from… Read more »

Yellow sticky notes with New Year’s resolutions written on them

Start the New Year off Right with These Savings Tips

A new year is a great time for a money makeover. If you struggle with saving or want to save even more than you do already, here are seven strategies worth implementing. Saving Strategy #1: 30 Day Rule According to The Simple Dollar contributor Trent Hamm, one of the simplest ways to avoid impulse purchases… Read more »

Man looks over his car insurance contract

5 Factors That Influence Your Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is essential for drivers today. Not only is it forbidden to drive without insurance in all 50 states, but that car insurance can also help you cover any costs if you get into an accident. Many drivers want the least expensive insurance rates they can find while still receiving good coverage. But what… Read more »

Man stretches at his office desk during the work day

5 Easy Ways to Get Exercise At Work

These days, many Americans have jobs that require sitting for extended periods of time. But sitting for prolonged periods is linked to a higher risk of disease and premature death, according to the American Cancer Society. If your job requires you to sit for hours, or if your New Year’s resolutions include getting more exercise,… Read more »