Minster Bank Appoints Chief Financial Officer

Minster bank chief financial officer clif perryman

Clifton R. Perryman has been hired as chief financial officer (CFO) for Minster Bank following the retirement of Ken Wuebker. Perryman began in January 2020 as the controller and transitioned to CFO over the past year. As CFO, Perryman is responsible for directing the company’s fiscal operating results, which includes Treasury, Finance and Controllership. Leadership… Read more »

Minster Bank Sows Seeds of Trust With Local Farmer

Dan Vogel’s farm operation in St. Marys, Ohio financed with Minster Bank

Local farmer Dan Vogel has a personal connection to Minster Bank: He began banking with them when his mother started working at the St. Marys office when it opened in 1988. Read more about Vogel’s experience with Minster Bank and how we’ve helped him find success with his farming operation. Personal Relationships at Minster Bank… Read more »

Start the New Year off Right with These Savings Tips

Yellow sticky notes with New Year’s resolutions written on them

A new year is a great time for a money makeover. If you struggle with saving or want to save even more than you do already, here are seven strategies worth implementing. Saving Strategy #1: 30 Day Rule According to The Simple Dollar contributor Trent Hamm, one of the simplest ways to avoid impulse purchases… Read more »

More Than Just a Number: Cadence Dental Group & Minster Bank

Lee Hendricks, DDS, of Cadence Dental Group with his guitar

When Lee Hendricks, DDS, of Cadence Dental Group grew frustrated with how a larger bank was handling his Payment Protection Program (PPP) application, he turned to Minster Bank for help. Keep reading to see how the business banking relationship between Cadence Dental Group and Minster Bank grew from there. Small Business Assistance with the PPP… Read more »

Savings Tips for a Great Getaway

Young couple enjoying a planned getaway

If you have dreams of going on a great getaway in the coming year but are worried about the costs required to make these dreams come true, it’s a good idea to begin budgeting for your trip as soon as possible. Follow these tips to save money before and during your next vacation. Tip 1:… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home Devices


Smart home devices offer convenience and connectivity. You can play a song, turn off the lights and even order groceries with just your voice. However, with an ever-growing selection of smart home devices on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. Here are four factors to consider before you commit to… Read more »

Financial Benefits and Drawbacks of Homeschooling

Father and daughter laugh during homeschooling session

Homeschooling is an increasingly popular choice for parents who want to customize their children’s education outside the traditional system. In a time of COVID-19, some parents also prefer the health and safety advantages of homeschooling their children. However, homeschooling also requires careful budgeting and planning. Consider the following financial pros and cons as you weigh… Read more »