How to Manage Your Money On the Go: Online and Mobile Banking

Young woman is Minster Bank customer using mobile banking feature

Life is busy, and sometimes, you may not have time to visit your financial institution. However, a great way to stay on top of your financial needs on the go is online and mobile banking. Most financial institutions offer this convenient feature, which makes it simple and safe to do everything from deposit checks to… Read more »

What Qualifies as a Strong Password?

Woman on laptop entering her username and password

In the age of ever-increasing internet involvement, the threat of someone hacking into your information by breaking through your passwords grows daily. For optimal password strength, follow these basic rules of what to have and what to avoid when crafting a well-constructed password. Have: Length One of the best steps to a strong password is… Read more »

Checkbook Basics: How to Obtain, Write, Send, Store and Dispose of Checks (Securely)

Woman sitting at her kitchen table fills out a check from her checkbook using secure tips from Minster Bank blog

Even though financial transactions today are increasingly paperless, there are still advantages to using a check book. They can help you avoid processing fees, leave behind a useful paper trail for your spending and give you a means of transferring funds should the internet be unavailable. But are check books safe? How do you secure… Read more »

The Customer-Lender Relationship: Built on Trust

Greg Barney of Unibilt Industries standing in front of product financed through Minster Bank business banking services.

As a small business owner, Greg Barney knows the value of healthy professional relationships. To him, conducting financial matters with a bank is not just about getting a job done together, but also developing a mutual sense of trust. That’s precisely what Greg has found at Minster Bank. Greg is the owner of Unibilt Industries,… Read more »

Earth Day History + 4 Creative Ways to Celebrate

Hands in circle around plant representing earth day

Earth Day reminds us of a too-easily-forgotten truth: our everyday behaviors have an effect on our planet’s health. Think about using this Earth Day to practice habits that conserve resources, promote cleaner air and encourage better health for yourself and your family and friends. The History of Earth Day Earth Day has its roots in… Read more »

Changing Your Investment Strategy as You Age

Woman typing on her laptop

Whether you’ve recently graduated from college or are winding down from a long career, it’s important to choose the proper investment strategy for your age. With the right approach, you can put your money to work effectively and enjoy greater peace of mind as you draw near to retirement. Basics of Asset Allocation and Diversification… Read more »

Essential Financial Lessons For Kids

Child placing money in piggy bank

As a parent, you are your child’s first and most enduring teacher. The example you set, the lessons you teach and the instruction you neglect will live in your child’s psyche forever. And, that includes how to handle money. Help your kids develop good money habits now and throughout their lives with the following financial… Read more »