The Wilson Law family

A Community Focus is Always a Successful Strategy

The Wilson Law office has been a part of the St. Marys, Ohio, community since 1969. Initially founded by Gregory D. Wilson, Wilson Law has assisted their local clients with a variety of cases, including arguing cases in front of the Ohio Supreme Court. Following Gregory’s passing in 2014, Eric J. Wilson, Gregory’s son, continues… Read more »

Small business man working on improving his business

Success Story: Learn How To Run Your Business The Right Way

Starting or growing a business can be a complicated process. Making the foundation of your business secure is critical for achieving long-term success. Overcoming these obstacles is easier thanks to the Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp workshops Minster Bank is hosting with small business experts, RoShawn Winburn and Donerik Black. Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp is a workshop meant… Read more »

Checking credit score online

Easily Improve your Credit Score with Six Simple Strategies

Credit scores are a sensitive topic for many people. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling performed a survey which indicated that more people would be more embarrassed to admit their credit scores than their weight (30 percent vs. 12 percent). Having a healthy credit score is necessary if you wish to apply for loans to… Read more »

Small group laying out a small business plan

A Solid Business Plan Is Important For Quality Growth

If you’ve recently started or are about to start your own business, you might be wondering if it’s really necessary to have a business plan. While it might seem like a lot of work, making a business plan is essential to the success, direction, and reputation of your small business. Here are just a few… Read more »

money lined up for investment opportunities

Why Investing in Your 30s is Important

If you’re in your 30s, now is the time to prioritize investment opportunities. Your 30s are a time of transition. While you are no longer in the beginning years of adulthood, retirement is still far away. Investing may seem like less of a priority than starting a family, purchasing a home or paying off student… Read more »