Learning how to budget money flowing out of wallet

The 5 Basics of Successful Budgeting

If you’re feeling clueless about where your money goes each month, you cannot create a financially stable present let alone plan for a healthily funded future. The following budgeting basics will help you garner a more complete picture of your finances, take control of your spending and invest for the future. 5 Basic Budgeting Tips… Read more »

identity theft shredded paper

Protect Your Identity One Confidential Document at a Time

Did you know 15.4 million U.S. consumers were victims of identity theft or fraud in 2016? Don’t become part of the statistic by protecting your identity and purging confidential documents from your home or business. Since 2008, Minster Bank has hosted bi-annual Community Shred events at various Minster Bank offices to help people and businesses… Read more »

Travel Centers of America

Truck Stop Success Story: Fuel, Food and Efficiency

In rural Auglaize County, just off Interstate 75, is a home away from home for America’s dedicated drivers. The TravelCenters of America, owned by successful businessman Tom Panos, has been serving up home-cooked meals to drivers and families since 1991. Panos owns 11 additional truck stops throughout the U.S. and says efficiency is a key… Read more »

money hidden behind paper

7 Hidden Costs of Buying a Car

Buying a car, whether new or used, is an exciting yet expensive time. In addition to the sticker price, you have to budget for hidden costs associated with securing your new ride. From dealership fees and taxes to insurance premiums, the hidden costs of buying a car can break your budget if you don’t plan… Read more »

Toy house with down payment money

8 Easy Tips For Purchasing Your First Home

Walking through the door of a home that could one day be yours is an irreplaceable feeling. As you stand in the middle of the wood-paneled, orange-carpeted living room soaking it all in you can begin to see your vision for this cozy-cottage unfolding right before your eyes. Purchasing your first home is a thrill,… Read more »

Man preparing an emergency preparedness plan for workplace

In 3 Simple Steps: Get Your Business Emergency Prepared

All businesses should be prepared for the unexpected by setting up an emergency management plan. According to James Bucki, Director of Computing Technologies at Genesee Community College, statistics show that 75 percent of businesses that experience a significant disaster fail within six months, highlighting the need to be prepared. “Remember, that your company is a… Read more »

Man working with wealth management services

4 Reasons to Use Wealth Management Services

What are wealth planning services? Simply put, wealth planning is the process of balancing and addressing these four objectives: security, a comfortable standard of living, the ability to provide for others and the ability to leave a legacy. It is more than an investment—it’s a multi-step process that clients go through as they make decisions… Read more »

Pencil and tax form

How to Prepare for the 2018 Tax Season

It might not be as highly anticipated as the holidays, beach-weather days or spring, but tax season still rolls around each year and often takes taxpayers by frantic surprise. 5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Tax Season To sidestep the usual stress tax season brings, implement the following tips in your prep. 1.Seek outside… Read more »