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‘Pop’ Money From Your Phone to Friends in One Simple Click

Need to pay for your half of the pizza you shared with friends last night? Use PopMoney™ to ‘pop’ money into their account. It’s simple, easy and only takes one click!

All you need is a PopMoney™ account and either their email, mobile phone number or account number of the person you want to pay. It’s as easy as sending and receiving email and text messages.

5 Most Often Asked Questions About PopMoney™

Learn just how easy it is to get started with a person-to-person payment account. Here are answers to the top 5 questions asked about PopMoney™.

1. How Does PopMoney™ Work?

PopMoney™ allows you to easily send money to your friends, family or any user, while eliminating the hassle of checks and carrying cash. Best of all, you don’t need a separate account. Just use your current U.S. checking or savings account.

Funds move easily from bank account to bank account. Just log into your PopMoney™ account and transfer funds automatically.

Watch a demo on PopMoney here.

2. Are There Service Fees for PopMoney™?

PopMoney™ fees are 95 cents per transaction when sending money from either your debit card or bank account. A fee may also exist when you make a request for money.

3. How Secure is Person-to-Person Payment?

PopMoney™ is device-owner protected. In order to access your PopMoney™account, you must provide ownership of the device through email and phone number access. This is the same online money movement platform used by thousands of financial institutions across the country.

4. How Long Does PopMoney™ Take?

PopMoney™ payments can be instantaneous when you enable the auto-deposit feature, making it another convenient mobile banking tool.

If you do not enable the auto-deposit feature, you can access funds transferred as early as the next business day when transferring from a debit card or up to three business days when transferring from a bank account.

5. Does a PopMoney™ Payment Expire?

Yes. Your recipient will have 10 days from the date of the payment notification to provide checking or savings account information. After 10 days, if the funds have not been accepted, the payment expires and the funds are returned to you, the sender.

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