President/CEO Retires After 31 Years of Dedicated Service

Mark and Dale

In 1986, Ronald Reagan was President and gas was 93 cents to the gallon. What else was special about that year? CEO and President Mark Henschen began his career at Minster Bank.

Henschen announces retirement

On January 31, 2017, Mark locked up the bank one last time, signing off as retired after 31 years of dedicated service. Appointed as the new President and CEO of Minster Bank is Dale Luebke, formally the Executive Vice President.

Mark’s 31 years of knowledge and expertise will continue to be an asset for the bank as he remains a chairman on the Board of Directors. Mark jokes that he has seen it all.

“One thing about being a CEO, you get a lot of credit for stuff you had nothing to do with and you get blamed for stuff you had nothing to do with,” Mark laughs.

Creating a legacy

Since the beginning of his career at Minster Bank, Mark has spearheaded corporate development to the level it is today. Minster Bank has grown from two locations when Mark started to eight locations today, including the corporate office that opened in 1998 at 95 W. 4th St., Minster.  

The evolution of Minster Bank to the institution it is today includes:


Minster Bank has not only expanded in regards to location but has also increased employees, capital, net income and assets. Mark’s commitment to creating a legacy at Minster Bank has not gone unnoticed, his co-workers say.

Leaving a trademark

“Mark has left his trademark on the bank and how he wanted things done,” says Luebke. “We all remember these liners Mark would say.”

  • – Do it right the first time
  • – Make it easy for the customer to do business with us
  • – We are a learning organization every day, everyone and every year
  • – One-click mentality
  • – 2-by-2 rule: answer the phone by the second ring and greet the customer by their second step in your area.
  • – And his most famous advice, “out local the regional banks and out regional the local banks.”

When asked how he intends to spend his retirement, he simply says, “I plan to continue to use the resources I have to continue to build for my future.”

Establishing a bright future

The long history of success at Minster Bank is credited to the culture and values established more than 100 years ago and still implemented by employees today.

Dale, the new President and CEO, is no exception when exemplifying a high-character employee. He has more than 30 years of knowledge in the banking industry and has worked at Minster Bank for the past 15 years.

A graduate of Wright State University and the Graduate School of Banking, his responsibilities during his career with Minster Bank include commercial lending, direct management of the bank’s retail, call center, mortgage and branch administration areas.

“There’s going to be a bright future for Minster Bank,” Mark says. “Especially with Dale leading the way.”

From all of us at Minter Bank: We wish Mark the best in retirement!

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