Save Time and Money: Avoid ATM Surcharges Today

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Want to avoid annoying ATM surcharge fees? The MoneyPass™ app lets you find surcharge-free ATMs near you.

5 Things to Know When Using MoneyPass™

moneypass atm logo1. What is MoneyPass™?

MoneyPass™ is one of the largest surcharge-free networks of ATMs in the United States. With over 25,000 ATMs located throughout the country, using MoneyPass™ is a convenient way to avoid paying surcharge fees.

2. What Are Surcharge Fees?

ATM owners can charge you fees for using their machines. This fee can vary depending on the ATM owner, and in some cases, the fee can be as high as $5.00. When you use a Minster Bank debit card at a MoneyPass™ ATM, you won’t pay any surcharge fees. However, it is possible that a card from another banking institution could charge other fees. Contact your bank to verify what types of fees could be charged.

3. How to Quickly Locate MoneyPass™ ATMs

MoneyPass™ ATMs are located throughout the United States. Download the MoneyPass™ app and enter your zip code to see MoneyPass™ ATMs in your area.

4. No Signup Required

If there is already a MoneyPass™ logo on your bank card, then you’re able to use any MoneyPass™ ATM surcharge fee. If you don’t see a logo, contact your bank to find out if your card can be used surcharge-free at MoneyPass™ ATMs.

5. How much does MoneyPass™ cost?

Not a dime! You can download the MoneyPass™  app from the Google Play store (for Android devices) or the Apple App store (for Apple devices) and locate a MoneyPass™ ATM near you.

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Download the MoneyPass™ app and find a surcharge-free ATM in your area!

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