Scholarship Winner Turns Lifetime Minster Bank Customer

Minster Bank customer Jennifer Moore Hirschfeld poses with her husband and daughter

It has been a few years since New Bremen graduate Jennifer Moore Hirschfeld earned a Minster Bank Scholarship, but Hirschfeld continues to use Minster Bank’s financial services.

Read on as Hirschfeld reflects on winning that scholarship, where she’s come since and why she continues to be a Minster Bank customer.

Awarded the Minster Bank Scholarship

Jennifer Moore Hirschfeld is a New Bremen High School graduate of the class of 1994, and she said the scholarship money went toward books during her time at the University of Dayton.

“It lessened the amount I had to borrow for college,” the finance major added.

After college, Hirschfeld spent time doing mutual fund accounting. From there, she worked for a Crown lift truck dealer in Columbus until her family moved back to West Central Ohio in 2002. She’s been with Opus Packaging, previously known as Safeway Packaging, since they moved back.

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Becoming a Minster Bank Customer

Hirschfeld said receiving the scholarship money in high school is what started her banking relationship with Minster Bank.

“My mom had me open an account there when I got the scholarship in 1994,” Hirschfeld said. “Just knowing who the people are who worked there made me feel at ease.”

Through college and moving, Hirschfeld remained a Minster Bank customer, thanks to Minster Bank’s connection to more than 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs as a member of the MoneyPass® network.

“It was easy for me to use Minster Bank through college thanks to the ATMs,” she said. “And it was still possible for me to keep my account there even when we lived in Columbus after I got out of college.”

Friendly Service and Familiar People

She said she would recommend Minster Bank to others because of their friendly service and familiar people.

“It’s always been easy,” Hirschfeld said of banking with Minster. “If I’ve had a problem, they’re always there to fix it. One time we thought somebody had gotten ahold of our account, and they worked with us on that. 

“I feel comfortable that if I needed help, they would be willing to help.”

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