Signs of Success: A Partnership to Stand the Test of Time

Blank sign hanging over storefront

For more than 20 years, IC Signs has been serving the signage needs of Wapakoneta. When the opportunity came for Jeremy Kuhn to purchase IC Signs (previously known as Schneider Sign), Minster Bank was ready to help.

Minster Bank sat down with Kuhn and developed a business loan that was specially tailored to fit Kuhn’s needs.

“When no other bank would even consider me,” says Kuhn, “Minster Bank was able to assess my situation and provided financing a year prior to competitors.”

Great Working Relationship

“My experience with Minster Bank has proven they carry a real sense of community,” he says. “Having the opportunity of being their customer, and them, my customer, has heightened that sense.”

Minster Bank has more than 50 signs by IC displayed at the various locations. IC offers LED signs, vehicle wraps, business storefront signs and more.

Even as the professional relationship blossoms with Minster Bank, Kuhn has always felt a strong friendship between IC Signs and Minster Bank.  

“With Minster Bank being my customer I still feel that connection, almost like we grew up together,” Kuhn says. “Minster Bank makes you feel like part of their community and that’s really been important in my relationship with them.”

Business Means Business

No matter the size of your business or how long you’ve been in business, Minster Bank will work with you to develop the best possible relationship.

“Minster Bank has really high expectations on giving customers nothing but the best,” says Kuhn. “For Minster Bank, it’s all about having the best work ethic. I don’t like to cut corners, and Minster Bank walks the same path by always delivering high quality. To me, they’ve been a dream to work with.”

Minster Bank offers a variety of business financial solutions, including competitive loan rates and terms.

Business Banking Loans

By understanding the individual industry needs and unique culture of each business, Minster Bank is able to deliver exceptional service to customers. And by offering a range of business finance services, we best meet the needs of our customers.

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