A Small Business Partner: Success Stories

Photo collage featuring five of Minster Bank's small business partners.

When you’re starting a business or looking to expand, you need a bank who loves your business as much as you do. Below, we’ve curated 10 snippets of a few of our success stories through the years. 

Keep reading to hear why these customers chose Minster Bank and why they continue to bank with us — there’s one in particular that has worked with Minster Bank for more than 50 years!

Cadence Dental Group's dental team.Cadence Dental Group

When Dr. Lee Hendricks’ dental office was shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hendricks knew the importance of obtaining a PPP loan and was met with a lot of frustration.

“I was banking at one of the large banks and had struggled to get my PPP application accepted, even though everything was approved … it felt like I was just one of a large number of clients,” he said. “Even though we have a sizable business, it felt like I was not important there. It became very, very frustrating.”

Someone suggested Minster Bank — the Vandalia-Butler location had recently opened across the street from Cadence Dental Group — so Hendricks made the decision to take his business there.

“After being involved in two to three weeks of disappointing and frustrating experiences trying to get the PPP loan through at the other bank, Minster Bank got my PPP loan approved and in the bank in just over 24 hours,” he said. “That was my introduction to them, which was very positive.”

After that experience, Hendricks made the decision to move Cadence Dental Group’s business banking to Minster Bank because of “how understanding and responsive they had been during a very critical, pressure-filled time.”

New Bremen Massage Clinic staff.New Bremen Massage Clinic

Starting a business at age 21 is scary and nerve-racking, to say the least. You have no idea what you are doing and “literally, no money,” laughs Karla Thornton, owner of the New Bremen Massage Clinic.

That was more than 10 years ago and one-third of the business she has now. Since opening in 2007, Thornton has tripled her employee base and moved into a much larger space. Thornton credits part of her business success to the guidance she and co-owner Linda Baker received from their first conversation with a Minster Bank business account representative.

“At age 21, they gave me a crash course in how to start a business,” she says. “We looked around at different options in small business loans, and Minster Bank, by far, was the most helpful.”

From setting up business accounts and credit card machine capabilities to federal business laws, Minster Bank representatives provided professional insight and step-by-step assistance.

“They took the time to sit down and talk with us. And still today, they know us by name,” Thornton said.

Golf tournament participants at Arrowhead Golf Club in Minster, OH.Arrowhead Golf Club

Arrowhead Golf Club and Minster Bank’s 50-plus year relationship, is what Jane Kaylor, office manager at Arrowhead, describes  as “easy.”

“They’re easy to work with, cooperative and helpful,” Kaylor said of Minster Bank. “The Minster location is close; the people who work there are efficient, friendly and always willing to help, especially the tellers who I work with on a daily basis.”

Arrowhead Golf Club has utilized Minster Bank’s small business loans for equipment purchases in the past. They also use the business checking account, safety deposit box, credit card and auto-pay services.

“Our payroll and many other payments are processed electronically with the bank’s ACH services. Their electronic banking services are very user-friendly,” said Kaylor.

“Our board of directors readily works with Minster Bank because they know who they are working with,” Kaylor said, “and they are competitive in their interest rates.”

She added, “When you work with Minster Bank, you can tell they want your business.”

Cupcakes at The Pie Shell, a Minster Bank small business banking partner.The Pie Shell

When she first decided to open her business, Susan Krieg of The Pie Shell already knew that she wanted to work with Minster Bank based on her experience with them for personal banking services. 

“It was the ease of doing banking with people you already know,” she said. “It was just very comfortable going to people that were professional and that you almost call friends because they were excited for me as much as my other friends or family were.” 

Throughout the process, Susan said Minster Bank has been helpful with everything from applying for loans to simplifying the payroll process.

“I just really appreciate Minster Bank as people, and it’s just comforting to know our banking needs are in good hands and they want the best for us,” she added.

Travel Centers of America in Wapakoneta, Ohio.TravelCenters of America

In rural Auglaize County, just off Interstate 75 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, is a home away from home for America’s dedicated drivers. TravelCenters of America, owned by successful businessman Tom Panos, has been serving up home-cooked meals to drivers and families since 1991.

Panos owns 11 additional truck stops throughout the U.S. and says efficiency is a key to success.

“Owning multiple businesses takes a great deal of my time,” Panos says. “Efficiency is key for my employees and for me. Minster Bank and the efficiency they provide are great value-adds for my company.”

At the former financial institution Panos worked with for his business, he often faced long wait times and poor customer service experiences.

“Moving our accounts to Minster Bank was one of the better decisions we have made,” he says.

“As a business owner, I always say, ‘Employees should be recognized for their performance, whether with a raise, bonus or other compensation.’ Like an employee, Minster Bank should be recognized for their outstanding performance. You don’t fully know until you’re in a business relationship with them the quality of their service. They are nothing short of a great partner,” he says.

Moran Refrigeration building in St. Marys, Ohio.Moran Refrigeration

Small business owners need a bank that truly knows them and understands their company. 

That’s why Doug Moran, owner of Moran Refrigeration in St. Marys, Ohio, has been a Minster Bank customer for nearly 20 years. Moran’s company itself has been serving northwest Ohio’s appliance needs since 1947.

Moran said the biggest reason he chooses Minster Bank for Moran Refrigeration – and his personal accounts – is the way he’s treated there.

He named Ron Meyer, Commercial Loan Officer; Kathy Sampson, St. Marys Branch Manager; and Brenda Slone, Branch Operations Supervisor at St. Marys, as people he’s enjoyed working with during his time as a customer.

“When you walk in there, everybody’s always friendly; everybody speaks to you and you develop quite a good friendship with them,” he said. “They ask you how your family is, how were your vacations. It’s not where some of the banks don’t know who you are, they know your account number.”

Abby Balster holds a bag of Tin Acre Gourmet Popcorn in her New Bremen, Ohio, home.Tin Acre Gourmet Popcorn

Almost three years ago, Abby Balster made her first batch of gourmet popcorn as a simple thank you gift for some business cohorts. Today, she is the owner of Tin Acre Gourmet Popcorn. As an entrepreneur, she is so thankful to have Minster Bank in her corner as her business grows and she continues to pursue her dream.

Balster and her husband, Doug, have used personal checking and savings services with Minster Bank for several years, so they were already well acquainted with the superior level of customer service. It was a no-brainer decision to choose Minster Bank for their business’ financial needs as well.

“Minster Bank is not hesitant to make sure you’re getting the best service and the most out of your money as well. That’s why we’ve stuck with them. We’ve just been really happy with how they’ve taken care of us,” she said.

Minster Dental Care building in Minster, Ohio, expansion funded by Minster Bank small business loan.Minster Dental Care

For more than 40 years, Minster Dental Care has been a staple in the Minster community, and throughout the years, they have continually chosen Minster Bank as their partner in growth.

“For the duration of this practice, 40-plus years, we have always been with Minster Bank,” practice administrator Julie Pleiman says. “They’re local, and we live in a very rural community where businesses support businesses…they’re just amazing.”

When the time came for Minster Dental Care’s expansion to accommodate their pediatric dentistry services, they knew they were choosing Minster Bank as a small business banking partner.

“It’s local people; you can just pick up a phone and have a conversation,” Pleiman says. “I cannot say enough wonderful things about them and the ease of dealing with them.”

Primary EyeCare Associates building funded through small business loan at Minster Bank.Primary EyeCare Associates

When it comes to doing business, you need a partner you can trust. That’s why Karen Fortman, doctor of optometry at Primary EyeCare Associates, said she and her partners at the practice chose Minster Bank when they needed to expand.

Fortman said she’s been acquainted with Minster Bank for more than 20 years from her personal banking experiences.

“I became a customer of Minster Bank back in 1996 when my husband Jim and I built our home that we still live in today,” said Fortman. “Minster Bank was our lender for our home mortgage.  Once we owned our home, we sought lending assistance again when we purchased another home as a rental property.”

In 2015, the Primary EyeCare Associates partners decided to expand their Ft. Loramie and Troy offices. They decided to partner with Minster Bank for their financing needs for two reasons: trust and convenience. Commercial loan officer Ron Meyer, whom Fortman had known since high school, assisted with the plans.

“Ron and his colleagues have made doing business with them very convenient,” said Fortman. “They go above and beyond to respond promptly to our needs and concerns, and generally come to us to manage business transactions instead of us having to travel to them.”

Front of the Troy Salon & Day Spa building in Troy, Ohio.Troy Salon & Day Spa

Char Bruggeman has been running Troy Salon & Day Spa for almost 10 years, and she says Minster Bank’s personal service is what sets them apart and kept her with Minster Bank all these years.

“I love every one of them there,” she said. “When I walk in, it’s so homey because everybody calls you by your first name. They know you as soon as you walk in.”

Bruggeman said she is going to start utilizing Minster Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture feature for businesses.

“I just learned that I can deposit checks, so I can do that without having to go into the lobby or for the drive-thru, so I will be utilizing that,” she said. “Right now, I just use them as my primary banking for my business.”

Minster Bank’s level of personal service is one of the main reasons she recommends them to others, even family, Bruggeman said.

“My daughter just opened up a business, and I was telling her she should go to Minster Bank also,” she said. “They’re just so friendly, easy to work with and you feel like you’re one of them when you walk in. I hope she takes my advice and opens up her account there, too.”

Small Business Banking with Minster Bank

Minster Bank is here to help you and your business succeed. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a business or looking for ways to streamline your operations, our small business banking services can help.

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