Success Story: John Shell, The Miami County Fair and Minster Bank

Shell family of covington ohio at miami county fair
Jack Shell of Covington sold his hog for the last time at the Miami County Fair.

Last week, John Shell and his family celebrated nearly 20 years of involvement at the Miami County Fair as Shell’s youngest son showed his final pig.

He said the family atmosphere is what led him and his wife, Kim, to become staples at the fair, with each of their four children showing animals throughout the years.

“You might not see some of these people for a year, and you walk in the barn and they’re there, and you pick up right where you left off,” he said. “It’s a family feeling – you watch their kids show, and they watch your kids show, and they support you.”

Life Lessons at the Miami County Fair

Shell said he’s proud that his children have grown up and gone on to success, and he credits some of that to the work ethic they learned from showing animals at the fair. 

“They’ve learned a lot of life lessons, a lot of responsibility,” he said. “The greatest part is when I hear people say they had talked to my son or daughter, and they’re like, ‘They’re a really nice person to talk to’ or ‘Man, he’s a really good kid.’ I’m proud of the fact that my kids are respected in that regard.”

Showing an animal at the fair, he said, is a good way for kids to build character and to see the positive effects of their hard work.

“Let’s do something for these kids who really go out and work hard and spend hours in the barn doing things right – let’s support that more,” he said. 

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John Shell + Minster Bank

Shell’s appreciation for hard work and personal connections extends to the companies where he does business. 

About 12 years ago, he decided his current bank – a larger regional bank – was getting “a little too big.” When he shopped around, he quickly found that Minster Bank was the right place for him.

“When I went in and talked to Minster Bank, I really felt that they got me,” he said. “They were more open to small business ideas, stuff like that…I felt very comfortable with them.” 

Today, Shell says he’s glad he made the switch and continues to enjoy working with Minster Bank for his personal and business banking. 

“I don’t want to just have a big building to go to, but when I go in there I want to feel comfortable and welcomed, and they really do a good job [at Minster Bank]. Their service is second-to-none,” he said.

He added, “I might go in there for a five-minute project and end up staying for 25-30 minutes because I run into someone. You can connect to them, they understand your needs, and they’re very aware of that. That’s what I really like about Minster Bank.”

A Bank That Knows You By Name

Take care of your personal and business banking needs all under one roof with Minster Bank. You’ll find people who know you and can help you succeed – because we’re from the same communities you are.

Learn more about Minster Bank’s commitment to the community.

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