Minster Bank and Arrowhead Golf Club: An Easy Bank You Can Trust

Golf tournament participants at Arrowhead Golf Club in Minster, OH.

When it comes to running a golf club, events, leagues and even a public restaurant, Arrowhead Golf Club of Minster, Ohio, needs a bank they can trust.

Read on to learn more about Arrowhead Golf Club and Minster Bank’s 50-plus year relationship, and to hear why Jane Kaylor, office manager at Arrowhead, described working with Minster Bank as “easy.”

Arrowhead Golf Club and Minster Bank’s Partnership Arrowhead Golf Club in Minster, Ohio

“They’re easy to work with, cooperative and helpful,” Kaylor said of Minster Bank. “The Minster location is close; the people who work there are efficient, friendly and always willing to help, especially the tellers who I work with on a daily basis.”

Arrowhead Golf Club has utilized Minster Bank’s small business loans for equipment purchases in the past. They also use the business checking account, safety deposit box, credit card and auto-pay services.

“Our payroll and many other payments are processed electronically with the bank’s ACH services. Their electronic banking services are very user-friendly,” said Kaylor.

“Our board of directors readily works with Minster Bank because they know who they are working with,” Kaylor said, “and they are competitive in their interest rates.”

She added, “When you work with Minster Bank, you can tell they want your business.”

Just as in any business transaction, communication is key. Kaylor said Minster Bank proactively reaches out to Arrowhead. And she described Minster Bank as being especially proactive when it comes to something that might better the business.

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The Benefits of Small Business Banking With a Community Bank

View of the green at Arrowhead Golf Club

As for looking at other banks, Kaylor said she didn’t even see a reason for the board of directors to look at anyone besides Minster Bank, crediting the long-term connection and Minster Bank’s employees.

“I think Arrowhead and Minster Bank have been working together since a group of prominent local businessmen came up with the idea to build a golf course in 1967,” she said. “Although the bank has grown immensely since 1967, they still offer the same personal bank service that customers want and appreciate.”

“I think they’re all very professional, and I don’t see much turnover in personnel,” Kaylor said of the employees. “It’s nice to see the same faces every time I go in. I feel very comfortable with Minster Bank.”

Kaylor said Arrowhead Golf Club working with the Minster office is a two-way street, and the employees visit the course’s public restaurant, The Bunker, for lunch.

“The girls from the bank often enjoy a little sunshine and our beautiful scenery while eating lunch on our Bunker patio,” she said.

“Although the bank has grown immensely since 1967, they still offer the same personal bank service that customers want and appreciate.” — Jane Kaylor, Arrowhead Golf Club

A Small Business Banking Partner Who Cares

That personal touch is why Kaylor said she would recommend Minster Bank to other small businesses.

“The customer service is just unbelievable,” she said. “And I feel like I can trust them.”

Minster Bank offers a variety of banking services for small businesses, from business checking to payroll and online bill pay. Plus, our team members are available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Learn more about how we can help your business grow with our commercial banking services.

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