A Business Banking Partner for 20 Years: Moran Refrigeration

Moran Refrigeration building in St. Marys, Ohio.

Small business owners need a bank that truly knows them and understands their company. 

That’s why Doug Moran, owner of Moran Refrigeration in St. Marys, Ohio, has been a Minster Bank customer for nearly 20 years. Moran’s company itself has been serving northwest Ohio’s appliance needs since 1947.

Keep reading to learn more about why Moran switched his business banking services to Minster Bank and what makes him stay with the community bank.

Local, Personal Focus at a Community BankDoug Moran of Moran Refrigeration

Moran said the tipping point that caused him to search for a new bank was his frustration with the other options – most of which weren’t community-focused like Minster Bank. 

“Our previous bank kept changing hands and getting bigger and bigger, and the local person wasn’t involved in any decision-making at that bank anymore. It all went to corporate, where the decision-making for loans and other things like that was still made locally with Minster Bank,” said Moran.

Whether they’re seeking financing for new equipment or a loan for building renovations, Moran said his business’ relationship with Minster Bank has only grown stronger over the years.

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Minster Bank is a Bank That Knows Your Name

Moran said the biggest reason he chooses Minster Bank for Moran Refrigeration – and his personal accounts – is the way he’s treated there.

He named Ron Meyer, Commercial Loan Officer; Kathy Sampson, St. Marys Branch Manager; and Brenda Slone, Branch Operations Supervisor at St. Marys, as people he’s enjoyed working with during his time as a customer.

“When you walk in there, everybody’s always friendly; everybody speaks to you and you develop quite a good friendship with them,” he said. “They ask you how your family is, how were your vacations. It’s not where some of the banks don’t know who you are, they know your account number.”

He added, “If you call and say ‘Hey, it’s me, Doug,’ they know our business.” 

Finally, Moran said he’s enjoyed working with Minster Bank so much that he’s given reviews to other people who ask about local banking options: “I’ve had people ask who we bank with and I always recommend them,” he said. “They’re very easy to work with.” 

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Business Banking Services at Minster Bank

Small business banking customer Moran Refrigeration in St. Marys, OH

We’re proud to serve local businesses and help keep our communities strong. Minster Bank offers the following business financial services and products:

• Checking, savings and Money Market accounts
• Certificates of Deposit
• Health savings accounts and employee retirement plans
• Loans
• Credit cards and cash management
• Payroll solutions
• Merchant services

With more than 100 years of experience serving small business owners like you, you can feel confident that Minster Bank will be here to help your company succeed.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started with one that’s right for you.

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