Success Story: Minster Bank and Wagner Paving

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As a business owner, sometimes you just need results – fast. That’s exactly why Brent Kress, president of Wagner Paving, said his company switched to Minster Bank.

“A lot of times in business, you don’t have time to wait on a big bank,” he said. “At Minster Bank, they can make things happen.” 

Read on to learn about the partnership between Wagner Paving and Minster Bank.  

Switching Banks During the Recession

At the height of the Great Recession, Wagner Paving was struggling to re-do their commercial loan through a large regional bank. The process, Kress said, was painfully slow.

“Everything at the old bank got so flaky. We were dealing with a new person there about every week,” said Kress. “They just kept firing people, and you couldn’t even get an answer.”

Switching to a smaller, local option like Minster Bank proved to be the right decision.

“We interviewed a bunch of banks, and we liked the personal touch we got from Minster Bank. They’re stable – you know who you’re going to be dealing with,” he said. “It’s got a completely different feel from big banks.”

Today, Kress said he works mainly with lender Jerry Herbe at the Troy location and enjoys the easy relationship they share.

“I like to make fun of Jerry – it’s very easy,” Kress joked.

Personal Banking at Minster Bank

Besides working with Minster Bank from a commercial standpoint, Kress said he’s come to trust them on a personal side, too.

“My mother lost my father, and he had done all their financial planning,” he said. “She just about got cooked by [another bank] if I hadn’t stopped in on the right evening.” 

Kress moved all of his mother’s assets over to Minster Bank and began working with the wealth management team.

Today, he says, he leaves all of the financial planning in their capable hands.

“We have quarterly meetings, and I don’t have to worry about things,” he said.

Kress Recommends Minster Bank

Kress said Minster Bank was a solid choice for both personal and commercial banking.

It’s the small-town feel,” Kress said. The president will come to check in on us. And it’s just their track record. They’ll serve us; they take care of us. 

“It’s all about customer service and trust. I have that with Minster Bank in spades,” he said.

More Commercial Banking Services at Minster Bank

We’ve helped small businesses just like Wagner Paving grow for more than 100 years. Our expertise combined with local service means you can trust us for projects big and small.

Besides commercial loans, we also offer:

• Online banking and bill pay
• Checking accounts
• Cash management
• Payroll services
• And more

Check out all of our options here.

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