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Steve Eiting private wealth management department manager at minster bank ohio

For Steve Eiting, manager of the Private Wealth Management department at Minster Bank, the key to doing successful business is simple: Always put the client first.

“Our goal is to be their one-stop financial institution,” said Eiting. “Here, they can get all their loans, they can do all their banking and we can do the investment piece for them as well.”

In fact, one of Eiting’s first experiences at Minster Bank nearly 20 years ago taught him a valuable lesson about treating the client right.

“I had to ask my boss at the time, Mark Henschen, who is now the chairman of the board, how to handle a specific client interaction,” said Eiting. “He told me, ‘Do what is best for the customer. In the long run, that is what will be best for the bank also.’”

Eiting never forgot that advice and continues to use it to guide the department and client interactions.

How Steve Joined Minster Bank

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in business and a concentration in accounting, Eiting went to work for a large regional bank in Cincinnati. There, he earned his CPA license, eventually moving on to work at one of the largest investment companies.

At the investment company, he helped small businesses manage their companies’ retirement plans, but Eiting’s goal was always to work with individuals. So he and his wife – and their twins – moved back to his native Minster when the opportunity presented itself to begin a Private Wealth Management group with Minster Bank.

Besides being treasurer of the annual Minster Oktoberfest, Eiting is a member of the Service Club, Civic Association, Sons of the American Legion and the St. Augustine’s Finance Committee. And recently, he earned a unique award: A pin recognizing him for donating 10 gallons of blood to the American Red Cross over the years.

“It’s hard to believe – 10 gallons seems like a lot of blood!” he said.

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Why Minster Bank’s Customer Focus Is Key

What made Eiting want to return to a small community organization? Again, the answer is people. And it’s not only the clients, but Eiting’s fellow employees at the bank, whom he said make his job meaningful.

“Being a part of a community bank is a great experience,” he said, adding, “The people I get to work with on a daily basis are like family.”

And that early customer interaction he mentioned? He said, “At larger institutions, we would have had a meeting and a meeting about that meeting.”

Instead, working at a smaller bank has allowed Eiting to have the individual interaction he believes is so important for personal and professional success.

“At a community bank, I get to help people start 529 plans out for their babies, and now I am seeing those children go off to college. I also get to work with very successful business people who have worked all their lives building their business or their nest eggs, and help them transition to the next stage, be it retirement or whatever they want to do,” he said.

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Let Minster Bank Help Create Your Plan for Success

Because every great success story starts with a plan, Eiting said he enjoys seeing the people he and his team help grow in their efforts.

“It is really exciting to see the people who have gone through the process, created goals and worked with us to implement a plan now reaching those goals,” he said.

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