Minster Dental & Minster Bank: Banking Partners for Decades

Minster Dental Care building in Minster, Ohio, expansion funded by Minster Bank small business loan.

For more than 40 years, Minster Dental Care has been a staple in the Minster community, and throughout the years, they have continually chosen Minster Bank as their partner in growth.

“For the duration of this practice, 40-plus years, we have always been with Minster Bank,” practice administrator Julie Pleiman says. “They’re local, and we live in a very rural community where businesses support businesses…they’re just amazing.”

Meeting Pediatric Dentistry Needs in West-Central OhioAerial photo of Minster Dental Care's new addition financed through Minster Bank

A few years ago when Philip Slonkosky, a board-certified pediatric dentist, came on as an associate at Minster Dental Care, he brought his knowledge of pediatric dentistry to the Minster region. Since then, Minster Dental Care has worked with local and area dentists to serve their more complex needs with child patients. This spurred the need for expansion.

“You need a lot of room when you have a mom and kids and siblings involved, as well as the noise level that comes with it,” Pleiman said. “This is a unique population, so this addition was built with that in mind.”

When the time came for Minster Dental Care’s expansion to accommodate their pediatric dentistry services, they knew they were choosing Minster Bank as a small business banking partner.

“It’s local people; you can just pick up a phone and have a conversation,” Pleiman says. “I cannot say enough wonderful things about them and the ease of dealing with them.”

Partners Throughout History

After James Overman, DDS, founded Minster Dental Care in 1976, the office moved locations twice to accommodate growth and community needs: The first move was to Eagle Drive in 1979, followed by one to the current location on State Route 66 in 2004.

The new addition, which was completed in December 2017, expanded their offices to an approximately 13,000-square-foot facility with 21 operatories. Both the 2004 ground-up construction and the new addition were designed by Practice Design Group and were financed through Minster Bank, making for a “seamless” transition aesthetically and financially.

Financing More Space for Professional Dental Care Groundbreaking of Minster Dental Care's new addition financed through Minster Bank

Minster Dental Care moved into their 4,500-square-foot addition, which has made way for additional hygiene care, as well as pediatric, surgical and orthodontic services.

The new south wing of Minster Dental Care’s offices at 4215 State Route 66 in Minster houses nine chairs and features a theater room (which the kids love).

The movies don’t stop there; they transfer to each treatment room, so kids can watch the movie on a monitor mounted above them during their treatment. Restorative work is done in a separate hallway, and the six restorative rooms are much larger than a normal treatment room in a dental office.

“They allow for a little bit more room to work; they allow for Mom or Dad to be in there and they have a door,” Pleiman says. “You come into the waiting room; there’s one; you come to the restorative hallway, there’s another door, and there’s another one to the room. It allows for a conducive atmosphere to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for reconstruction.”

“Their services, in my mind, go beyond just the commercial realm,” Pleiman says. “It goes beyond working with them on financing.” — Julie Pleiman, Minster Dental Care

How Minster Dental Uses Minster Bank’s Small Business Banking Services

In addition to their commercial loans, Minster Dental Care also has equipment loans through Minster Bank, and Pleiman says the bank is always there when you need them. One example was when Pleiman was brought on as practice administrator before the new addition was built.

“They reached out to us and said, ‘Now that you’re transitioning and realigning administratively, did you know these are your options?’,” Pleiman says, especially thanking Ken Wuebker and Kris Kuck at the Minster office. “We’ve gone to electronic capture for deposits. I only make a cash deposit intermittently through the week and all of the checks are electronically scanned here. They’ve made us aware of those options.”

In addition to the change to electronic banking, other things have transitioned with the new addition to accommodate the growth, and it all has to do with Minster Bank.

“Their services, in my mind, go beyond just the commercial realm,” Pleiman says. “It goes beyond working with them on financing. They reach out to you and say, ‘Your business is growing. Do you know that these services are available? And this is how it will serve your company and be an advantage to you.’ You don’t know that you’re there unless you’re seeking them, but they reach out and say, “Hey, have you ever thought about …?’”

Small Business Banking Partners Throughout History and Future

Minster Dental Care could not have built their expansion without Minster Bank’s help, and they were there for any hiccup along the way.

“Any construction project never goes according to plan,” Pleiman says. “Minster Bank was always, first and foremost, accessible. If you had a question, it was always done in a timely manner. They were always great about weighing out our options.

“They’re wonderful to deal with; we’re very lucky to have them.”

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Minster Dental Care is owned by Dr. James Meiring, Dr. Shawn Sharp and Dr. Philip Slonkosky, as well as associates Dr. Tracy Mayers and Dr. Heather Woehrmyer. Some of the many services Minster Dental Care provides include digital x-rays, cosmetic procedures, root canal treatment, removable prosthetics, oral surgery, sleep apnea treatment, implant restoration and more. Dr. Slonkosky provides comprehensive pediatric dentistry for children and adolescents, while Dr. Overman provides orthodontic treatment.

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