Success Story: Positive Electric

Success Story: Positive Electric

Brandon Graveline worked for Positive Electric until the unexpected passing of the owner four years ago. That event led to Brandon buying the small electrical services provider he’d worked for. But now what? A company with a new owner and a vision for growth needs the best equipment, supplies and much more.

Where to turn?

Partnering With Minster Bank

Hearing of the possibilities for opening a line of credit, Brandon turned to the bank he thought might be able to help – Minster Bank. 

Working with Joel K. Bopp at the Vandalia branch made all the difference. Unsure of what to expect as a new owner of a small business, Brandon was shocked to receive a substantial credit line.

Now armed with the ability to acquire what they needed, Brandon and his wife Samantha – who handles the finances – set out to grow Positive Electric into a multi-state full-service electrical powerhouse.

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Growing Into a Successful Business

With Minster Bank’s help and a growing reputation for excellence and 5-Star reviews, Positive Electric now boasts 22 employees. Brandon says they regularly work in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee – although they’ve gone as far as Virginia and Georgia and hold a license in North Carolina.

Positive Electric Building

Positive Electric focuses primarily on multi-family units; their current project contains a whopping 361! The company’s hub is a 20,000-square-foot facility in Kettering, OH. They chose this location to get to everywhere they needed to be as fast as possible. 

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Recommending Minster Bank to Other Businesses

Brandon says he’d definitely recommend Minster Bank to any business, but his loyalty runs deeper still. He said he sticks with those who come through for him, and Minster did! He finished with:

“Even if we become a national company, I’d still turn to Minster Bank!”

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