Success Story: Welcome Home Katie Swanberg, Tobii, and Vader

Katie Swanberg holding a sold sign in front of her new house

“I just want to thank Welcome Home and Minster Bank for making my first home purchase a dream come true.” These heartfelt words from Katie Swanberg explain why Minster Bank continues to offer the Welcome Home Program for first-time home buyers: We love investing in our community.

Katie continues, “Without the Welcome Home grant, I probably would not have purchased the home that I did. Welcome Home offered me the flexibility to purchase the right home for me while remaining within my budget.”

After looking for a bank mortgage from four other lenders, Katie’s real estate agent, Molly, suggested she reach out to Minster Bank’s Beth Peters at the Troy branch. Beth answered Katie’s questions regarding the Welcome Home program in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Katie learned how the assistance from this grant would make her dream home a reality–at a price she could afford.

You’ll Feel Confident with a Local Bank Mortgage

When looking for your first home, it’s natural to have a million and one questions. And while larger financial institutions can provide answers, a local bank offers the chance to work with neighbors. Katie’s agent knew the right bank for her client and the loan officer by name. 

At Minster Bank, Katie spoke and worked with Beth and said she was amazing in helping her purchase a home. Beth was responsive, quick, and patient with questions. Thanks to her, Katie felt confident in evaluating the best path forward. And that led to her dream home in Troy she shares with her two dogs: Tobii, a five-year-old beagle, and Vader, a three-year-old mixed-terrier breed.

Katie Swanberg’s dogs Tobii and Vader

At Minster Bank, you’ll always get honest answers to every question. Our people know how daunting a home purchase can seem to first-time buyers. That’s why you won’t find jargon or call centers located in another state. Your home is here. 

Our home is here.

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We Offer Resources So You Can Make the Best Choice

Minster Bank has been a part of your community since 1914, and we’ve learned that successful homebuyers have the resources to tackle the job. We offer everything you need to make the best decisions for you and your family’s future.

On our Resources page, you’ll find everything from a glossary to calculators to what to expect at closing. After working with such a knowledgeable, helpful lender, Katie knew Minster Bank and the Welcome Home Program were right for her. 

We’ve built the most convenient home loan service for a reason. And that reason is our customers and equipping them with all they need to be successful homebuyers, homeowners, and home sellers if the time comes.

Welcome Home: What You Need to Know

Minster Bank partners with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati to help our neighbors secure home loan financing they may have never thought possible. Funds are available beginning July 7, 2023 and are first-come, first-served.

Like Katie, you can find out if you qualify for the Welcome Home Program with grants up to $10,000 or up to $15,000 for honorably discharged veterans, active military, reservists, or a surviving spouse to help with a downpayment or closing costs. 

What are the next steps?

  • Apply for a home loan today and check if you qualify for the Welcome Home Grant.
  • Await further eligibility details from Minster Bank.
  • Learn best practices and financial tips by attending an online class.
  • Receive Welcome Home Funds to use for a down payment or closing costs.

Welcome Home, Katie!

With 27 parks in and around Troy, Katie, Tobii and Vader should find loads of fun! Whether it’s tug and chase with them at home or kayaking and taking in nature, she’s ready for it. And for more relaxing pursuits, such as reading romance novels and listening to true crime podcasts, she gets to do them in her dream home. 

The Welcome Home Program is a highly successful opportunity for many first-time home buyers, and Katie says she’d recommend it to anyone. If you’re actively looking to buy or only browsing, Contact Minster Bank to learn what might be available for your family.

We think Katie said it better than anyone:

“They made me feel that my home-buying experience was as important to them as it was for me.” 

Welcome home, Katie!