Success Story: Why the Trzaska Family Loves Minster Bank

Minster bank customers and siblings Joe and Jenny Trzaska at the University of Notre Dame

Some people stick with one bank for a long time. But have you had your savings account there since second grade?

Siblings Joe and Jenny Trzaska of Minster have.

“The week after our first communion, to help handle the slight influx of cash, our mom would bring each of us to the bank to open our first savings account,” said Joe, a senior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Notre Dame.

The siblings say continuing to bank with Minster Bank is an easy choice – and not just because their mother, Bonnie, works there.

“Our mom kind of summarizes the friendly atmosphere you’re always going to get at Minster Bank, but even if you don’t have the same privilege we do of that familial connection, everyone can feel at home talking with them,” said Joe.

He added, “You’ll always find they have an honest, up-front way of doing business.”

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The Convenience of Mobile Banking

Jenny, Joe’s younger sister, is also a Notre Dame student. A sophomore studying architecture, she noted that some of the bank’s offerings, like mobile and online banking, make it a great choice for students.

“Being so far away from any of the actual locations, the app is really helpful for keeping track of all our expenses,” Jenny said.

Another feature both Jenny and Joe praised was the bank’s ATM system.

“That’s been really useful up here,” Joe said.

As part of the MoneyPass® network, Minster Bank customers have access to cash at more than 25,000 no-fee ATMs throughout the country.

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Getting Started with Minster Bank

Whether you’re starting a savings account for your second-grader or you’re a student preparing for college next fall, you’ll find the services you need and the personal attention you deserve at Minster Bank.

Learn more about our online and mobile banking options, and sign up to get started.

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