The Customer-Lender Relationship: Built on Trust

Greg Barney of Unibilt Industries standing in front of product financed through Minster Bank business banking services.

As a small business owner, Greg Barney knows the value of healthy professional relationships. To him, conducting financial matters with a bank is not just about getting a job done together, but also developing a mutual sense of trust.

That’s precisely what Greg has found at Minster Bank.

Greg is the owner of Unibilt Industries, a modular home manufacturer based in Dayton, Ohio. His go-to resource for all things financial is commercial loan officer Joel Bopp at the Vandalia-Butler office.

Greg and Joel’s relationship goes back about 18 years, when they both worked for previous companies. Greg loved working with Joel so much that he actually “followed” Joel to Minster Bank.

“I consider [Joel] a friend, and he’s very professional. It’s a great relationship. That’s exactly what I’m looking for in a bank. You know me and I know you, and we trust each other,” said Greg.

Greg noted that he initially went to Minster Bank for depository transactions, but as time went on, he began to take advantage of more of their offerings. To date, he has worked with Minster Bank on general lines of credit, capital expenditures (CapEx) lines of credit, commercial mortgages and construction loans.

In addition, Greg and his wife also use Minster Bank for their own personal banking needs. They most often use the Vandalia-Butler office, but in the past, they’ve also gone to the Troy, Ohio, location.

Something that Greg is always impressed with is how he and his wife are greeted by name, and he emphasized how the first-class customer service is consistent each and every time he comes in contact with Minster Bank.

“I’ve never had a bad experience,” he said. “They’ve just got a great culture and a great attitude towards their customers.”

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