Success Story: The Bernings

derek and melissa berning

Derek and Melissa Berning’s experience with Minster Bank exemplifies the importance of community and trust in the journey of homeownership. With a longstanding connection to Brenda and the bank, they embarked on their home buying journey with confidence. Brenda’s consistent support and clear communication were instrumental in ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

“Construction loans are probably one of my favorite things to do because it’s fun to go look at the progress of the home, and see the personal touches that the customer has put in”, added Brenda.

As their dream home took shape, the Bernings appreciated the collaborative effort between themselves and the Minster Bank team. Within a month of their initial consultation, they were well on their way to homeownership. Six months later, they celebrated the realization of their dream.

Their positive experience with Minster Bank has prompted them to recommend it to others. “Some of our friends have also gone through the home purchasing process as they begin their own families and their own life. We’ve referred all of them to Minster Bank and I think all of them have come here to work with someone local and get that same level of confidence that we have, and to get the best solution for their financial wellbeing” stated Melissa.

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