Success Story: Wells Brothers and Minster Bank, a Commercial Banking Partnership

Executive team of wells brothers of anna ohio with plant funded by minster bank and red wells brothers trucks

Since its inception in 1988, Wells Brothers of Anna, Ohio, has been a family owned business. Incorporated in 1989, Wells Brothers’ President is Curt Wells, his brother Jerry is Vice President and Curt’s wife Sandy is the Secretary and Treasurer.

The company began with electrical and HVAC residential services, and now primarily focuses on the industrial sector, with clients such as Cargill, Dannon Yogurt and Emerson. Today, they have approximately 135 employees.

Wells Brothers’ specialty is turn-key solutions, meaning they work with a company from the start to finish of a project, whether it’s electrical, HVAC, fabrication, installation or utilities.

“Let’s say Dannon Yogurt calls and wants to put a new line in,” Curt said. “We’ll go over to that plant, tear the old line out, do the concrete, cut pits in and whatever they need, new equipment, do all the plumbing and heating and make sure the line runs.”

When Wells Brothers was looking to expand with a new building, they began their long-standing commercial lending partnership with Minster Bank.

How Wells Brothers and Minster Bank Began Their Commercial Lending Partnership

In 1997, Curt was looking for a business loan for Plant 1, Wells Brothers’ main building at 105 Shue Drive in Anna. He said they were originally working with a big bank for six months who had yet to approve them.

Curt contacted Dan Heitmeyer, Vice President of Commercial Banking at Minster Bank. They were approved for a loan within two weeks.

“By the time the big bank got around back to us, we had all our excavating done, dirt moved and all of our footers poured for an almost 40,000-square-foot building,” Curt said, adding when the bank finally called saying they were getting close on the loan, he told them they had gone in a different direction.  

“We’ve got a local bank; they’ve approved us, and we are moving that way,” Curt told the big bank.

Continuing That Commercial Lending Partnership

Since that original commercial loan, Wells Brothers has continued the relationship with Dan Heitmeyer and Minster Bank.

“Dan’s a great banker for us; he understands our business,” Curt said.  “When Sept. 11 hit, I called Dan up and kept him informed, what was going on and how could we handle it. He worked all the way through that situation with us. In ’08 when the things slowed down and we had loan payments with them, we called Dan up, and he worked with us through those.

“It’s been a great relationship,” Curt said. “They’ve always been on top of things with us.”

Curt says he is always recommending Minster Bank and their services to other business owners.

“They’re a down-to-earth bank; they’re a small bank; the people who live in the community that work there make decisions,” he said of why he recommends Minster Bank.

He added it’s the level of service they provide to their customers that sets them apart.

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Keeping the Business Running With Minster Bank’s Business Services

In addition to commercial lending, Wells Brothers also takes advantage of other services through Minster Bank. He noted they scan their checks in their office, and they automatically get deposited into their Minster Bank account with Remote Deposit Capture.

“All of our payroll is through them, too,” Curt said. “A lot of our payments are all made electronically with their ACH service.”

He said his office loves the electronic banking services at Minster Bank.

“They do a good job; if there’s a problem, they contact the experts, and the magic happens to take care of all of our issues,” Curt said. “My wife and our employees, they love how easy it is to deal with Minster Bank.”

These services through Minster Bank, Curt said, help run their fast-paced business.

“I don’t like being held back or held down, and Minster Bank does not do that for us at all,” he said. “If we call with issues, they take care of it. If we need any help, they help us. We rely on the bank quite a bit, and they’re our No. 1.”

Minster Bank Believes in the People Behind the Small Business

Looking back on that original loan in 1997, Curt said, “that meant a lot right there.”

Curt added Heitmeyer has also made a point to look out for their business over the years.

“We’ve got a great relationship with Minster Bank and everyone who works there; all those people are great people.”

Business Finance Solutions With Minster Bank

Minster Bank offers a wide variety of financial services for businesses. Whether you’re looking for commercial loans, business checking or retirement plans, we can help. Contact Minster Bank today. We’d love to be your business partner!

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