Young Entrepreneur Thanks Minster Bank For Supporting Landscaping Business

Landon Davis, local young entrepreneur

As a young business owner and entrepreneur, Landon Davis is motivated, hardworking and ambitious. He started his landscaping business, Landon’s Lawn Care LLC, in 2018 while still a teenager in high school. With a strong support system behind him, he’s grown the business to serve companies and individuals in the Sidney, Ohio area year-round.

Minster Bank is one of his regular clients, as he began mowing the grounds of the Sidney location a few years ago, but the bank has also been an incredible source of support and business banking services provider for Landon’s Lawn Care. Read on to learn more about Landon’s experience with Minster Bank.

Supporting a Young Entrepreneur

As a former Minster Bank Scholarship winner, Davis has a strong history with Minster Bank. Shortly after his 18th birthday, he signed his first loan with Minster Bank to get his business up and running, something he is still thankful for today.

“Minster Bank has been willing to help me no matter what,” he said. “The amount of money I was asking for at 18, I probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. The belief they had in me from such a young age was very instrumental to helping me get where I’m at today.”

Landon’s Lawn Care now mows roughly 100 to 125 lawns per week and performs full weekly lawn maintenance, bed maintenance, snow removal, commercial and residential landscaping, and more.

More Than Just a Banking Partner

Not only does Davis have his business checking account with Minster Bank, but he also goes to them with questions that may arise as he faces new business challenges. This is where his relationships with Minster Bank staff have made all the difference.

“Rhonda Keister, Seth Middleton and everyone in the [Sidney] facility – if I have any questions, whether it’s financial or just any type of advice at all, they’re usually the first ones to help me,” he said.

Davis enjoys mingling with the staff daily, whether it’s dropping off a deposit, making a withdrawal, or in his own words, “giving them a good, old hard time.” 😉

Thankful for a Strong Support System

Davis knows that Landon’s Lawn Care wouldn’t have succeeded without his family and community’s support. He’s especially thankful to his mom and dad, Darin and Renee Davis, for helping him throughout his journey.

And to Minster Bank, he appreciates their support and business both as a financial partner and client.

“They have been very helpful with the growth of my business,“ he said. “Without Minster Bank, I truly don’t know if I would be where I’m at today.”

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