Zelle®: The ‘Easy’ Way to Send Money

Marsha Dudgeon, Minster Bank customer, and her family.

This blog was originally published in 2021 and was updated in 2022.

Marsha Dudgeon lives in Wapakoneta, Ohio, but her children live in other areas. Zelle® is just one of the ways she keeps connected with her family. 

Keep reading to see how much Marsha loves using Zelle to easily send money to friends and family.

An Easy Way to Send Money

Minster Bank customer Marsha Dudgeon uses Zelle® to send money to her family.

After she started using Zelle, Marsha couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t started using it sooner. 

“I pay all my other bills online, I do all this other stuff online, why wasn’t I doing this?” she said.

One of Marsha’s children lives in the Akron/Cleveland area and another child lives in Greenville, S.C. She frequently uses Zelle to send money to them for gifts and other purposes.

Marsha says that once her family members were set up as Zelle recipients, there was nothing to it, adding she recently added one of her grandchildren in South Carolina as a recipient.

“You put their name in, their bank in, and in two minutes you can send money and in less than a minute, it’s in their bank account,” Marsha said. “It’s super easy. I love it.”

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Staying Connected Through Zelle

Another way she uses the feature is when online shopping with her daughter. They’ll often spend time talking to each other at night and shopping at the same time.

“My daughter is a lot better than me at online shopping,” Marsha said. “She’ll find something and buy it for me, and I’ll Zelle her the money and pay for it.”

Marsha gave the example where she was recently shopping for a particular Fiestaware cup in a certain color. Her daughter researched and online shopped for the item, eventually finding it.

“She found me two exactly like what I wanted, she ordered it and I sent her money,” she said. “It was easy peasy; I just think it’s amazing.”

“I love how easy it is,” Marsha said.

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Personalized Service From Minster Bank

Marsha Dudgeon, a Minster Bank customer, with her granddaughter who is getting married.

Marsha has utilized Minster Bank’s checking services for many years, and she said Minster Bank’s personal attention they give each customer is what has kept her as a customer all these years.

“They know your name when you walk in; they’ll ask questions like, ‘How’s your granddaughter?’ They know you. They care about you,” she said. “They’re personable and friendly. Not everybody has a good day every day, but the staff doesn’t show anything but kindness and friendliness.”

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